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What are the benefits of The Intern Group program?

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In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to have that something extra on your CV/resume to stand out from your peers. A global internship ticks every box: professional experience, intercultural competence, personal growth, and a global network. Our program provides you with everything you need to have a successful and rewarding internship experience.

Professional benefits

We provide professional development before your program begins and after it finishes. The tools included in the program enable you to successfully prepare for your internship before you start, make the most of the experience throughout, and then successfully leverage the experience in interviews to future employers. You will leave our program feeling fully equipped to enter the world as a global citizen and future leader in your industry.

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Personal development

Getting out of your comfort zone, though challenging at first, is an extraordinary catalyst for growth. Interning in a global organization with different customs than what you are used to will teach you to be more open-minded, accepting and patient. When future employers see on your resume or CV that you completed a global internship, they will be assured of your adaptability, initiative, ability to see other viewpoints and willingness to try new things.

Global network

A major advantage of our global internship program is the community you create, both during office hours and outside of them. Fostering those professional and personal connections can be useful for anything, from career advice to a job recommendation or simply an international vacation. Our global alumni community numbers 10,000+ talented individuals in 150 countries.