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How it works

What happens if I'm accepted into an in-person internship program?

If you're accepted into our program, you might be wondering what comes next. After you've confirmed your spot on our program with a deposit, here are the next steps:

1. Placement process

We want to ensure that we find you the best internship match, which is why we go through a collaborative placement process.

Interview and match

Once you are enrolled in our program, our expert placement team will begin by creating a professional profile for you that will be sent out to our extensive network of host organizations to find a role that best matches your profile. You will then have an interview with the host organization to ensure that it is the best match on both ends.

Confirm role

Most of our participants are successful with their first interview because our placement specialists are highly knowledgeable about the labor market and have our interns’ best interest in mind. If not, we will continue to search for the next best match. During the placement process, you will also be asked to submit the first of the two installments of the program fee payments.

2. Visa assistance

We know that traveling to a new country can be difficult to plan logistically, which is why our team of visa experts are here to help you arrive on program hassle-free.

3. DDI assessment

Your professional development begins before you arrive on program with a workplace assessment that will identify your strengths and weaknesses. This is a great way for you to pinpoint areas for improvement during your internship abroad.

4. Pack your bags and travel

Once you’ve confirmed your role and start date, you’ll be able to purchase your plane tickets. We’ll send you helpful pre-departure materials via email, including a welcome pack about your new city, so that you’re fully prepared.

5. Airport pick-up

We want you to arrive with zero worries, which is why we will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your accommodation.

6. Welcome orientation

We’ll organize an orientation for you and other program participants shortly after arrival, so that you can meet the team, make new friends, and learn about your new city.

7. Internship

Realize your potential by interning in your field in an important global city.

Professional development workshops and training

Alongside your hybrid/in-person internship internship we’ll organize a professional development workshop that will accelerate your learning.

Cultural and social events

We want you to feel immersed in your new city, which is why the program includes weekly cultural events and excursions.

8. Exit interview

When your internship finishes you’ll have a one on one exit interview with our team to talk about your experience. You’ll also receive an official certificate of program completion.

9. Apply for dream job

“88% of The Intern Group alumni achieve graduate level employment within three months of completing the program.” – TIME

Our workshops, trainings and career coaching session will equip you with the tools you need to leverage your international internship experience in your future interviews.