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Internships in the U.S. for Domestic Applicants

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New York is one of the best places in the world to gain professional experience. No matter your chosen career field or level of study, an internship in this incredible city will change your life, and set you on a path towards professional success.


The majority of North America’s most exciting companies and organizations make their homes here. Opportunities ranging from business internships to marketing internships all offer the chance to mingle and network with the very best in the business. Finding the right professional experience to set yourself apart can be challenging, and the field is undeniably competitive, regardless of the industry you’re in.

Professionals regardless of their age and career stage as well as individuals at the very beginning of their careers, from around the United States have used internships in New York to enhance their resumes and launch careers that take them to new heights in their fields. From making the right connections and tapping into opportunities for world-class mentorship, the possibilities for those accepted to our internship programs are endless.


With placements available in this top U.S. city, our program has something for everyone regardless of age, career stage or academic/career interest. Aspiring accountants need look no further than internships in New York, where they’ll find themselves surrounded by the best firms in the world. Each and every one of our professional internships includes an extensive array of professional development training, social and cultural events, and logistical support from our American team. 

Internships in New York

There’s no place on earth like New York City. The Big Apple, the City That Never Sleeps – no matter what you call it, NYC is home to some of the top professionals from around the country (and the world!) in any  industry you can imagine. New York is where people and cultures from around the country and the world converge, making a dynamic, creative, richly diverse metropolis that just can’t be beaten. Internships in New York are extremely competitive, but given the city’s prominence on the world stage, the challenge is worth it. Students and professionals with hands-on experience with one of New York’s top firms will find themselves set far apart from their peers, with a wealth of opportunities awaiting them.

Internships in New York

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“My internship program both cemented and changed my mind about what I wanted to do with my career. I know that I definitely want to work in PR but the industry that I want to work in has changed a bit. I'm now working in an environmental green finance job which I love and gives me the opportunity to make the world a better place.“

Yvette Schlegelmilch University of South Australia

“You get to network with a lot of bright minds who could be the future leaders of the world and this is an experience that you will cherish forever.“

Timothy Thirukkumar Queen's University

“When I first heard of this opportunity, I was a little hesitant in applying because of certain stereotypes that are associated with Colombia. Now I can very confidently sit here and affirm that none of those stereotypes are true.“

Afshan Akhtar & Fasih Ahmed Aga Khan University

“The highlight of my internship had to be my trip to the Philippines because that's where the work that we do is implemented. I got to meet some of the families and children that we help. It was great to see the value of the work that we do.“

Alina Merchant-Mohamed Gap year student

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