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The Intern Group Learning Experience

Our award-winning learning experience is a culture based on research, knowledge exchange, and continuous improvement for early career professionals. Access free online courses and live events to upskill and stand out in today’s competitive job market.


Live Events

We run regular online learning events to help you upskill and become job-ready. These events have no strings attached and you do not need to be signed up to one of our internship programs to attend, but interns currently on on one of our in-person and remote internships may also attend some events.

This is your opportunity to interact with mentors, industry experts, and peers to reinforce best practices through reflection and feedback.

Check out all of our previous and upcoming events and sign up to secure your spot!

Live Events

Our learning platform

Our learning platform has helped us to get 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Here’s why…

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1. Easy to use interface

Our learning platform is easy to navigate and use, giving you a smooth and intuitive experience.

2. Cutting-edge technology

Our learning platform is the same as those used by tech industry superstars such as Hootsuite, Shopify, and Later.

3. Share your growth

Every time you finish a course, quickly and easily share your new skills with the world, using our social media automatic share buttons and LinkedIn certificates.

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What to expect from our online courses

Each course takes roughly 30 minutes to complete and can be accessed easily from any device with an internet connection

Every module takes a problem-solving approach, using real-life issues experienced by early-career professionals. The courses walk you through each issue and identify different ways of approaching them to optimize professional outcomes. 

Every module contains: peer insights, real case study, analysis activities, expert advice, application tools, and resources for continued learning.

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Our curriculum

Our curriculum is based on a mix of the NACE competencies for career readiness, and the McKinsey model for future of work readiness. It includes: 

• Effective communication

• Self-management

• Teamwork and collaboration

• Skills for thriving in global, remote, and hybrid work environments

• Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

• Critical Thinking Skills

• Cultural intelligence and inclusion

• Professionalism

• Leadership

• Systems Thinking

• And more!

Our curriculum

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Learning Experience alumni have said...

"The micro format of the content makes it easy to see your progress and I love that everything is based on real problems that happen in the workplace"

- Camila López

"I appreciated the concrete examples and experiences from very different sectors. Moreover, the materials are extremely helpful!"

- Giorgia Sancilio

"Loved the course! It’s simple, informative, concise, and motivating. Thanks!"

- Karim Shehu

"Easy to understand, relevant information with direct applicability to my situation. Questions were well explained and helped me avoid the same mistakes in my own CV."

- Felix Albers

"The course was easy to follow and presented realistic and relatable scenarios."

- Sophia Kelly

"Without a doubt, this professional experience has been one of the most enriching. I am very happy with The Intern Group team."

- Maria Valeria Aquino

"The resources from The Intern Group are useful to me and the sessions with experts inspire me to and be better everyday. I am confident that I'll leave having learned more about the dynamics of a workplace and also the opportunity to build my resume."

- Simon Riitho

"I have gained a lot of skills from The Intern Group program (specially the 12th modules) and have being experiencing it on my internship."

- Rezene Alem Ghidey

"The course was very practical, precise and well defined."

Tabitha Muriithi