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Live Events

Anyone is welcome to join one of our regular online learning events to help you upskill and become job-ready. These events have no strings attached and you do not need to be signed up to one of our internship programs to attend, but these sessions are also beneficial for individuals currently on on one of our in-person and remote internships.

This is your opportunity to interact with industry experts and peers to reinforce best practices through reflection and feedback.

Check out all of our upcoming events below and sign up to secure your spot!

Next Live Event:

Girl Bossing: Empowering Gen Z women for a bold future

Date and time: Thursday 23rd August @ 17:00 (GMT+1) / 12:00 (ET)

Discover the power of being a “Girl Boss” in our event designed to empower Gen Z women for a bold future. Join a panel of inspiring leaders as they share their personal journeys and insights. Learn essential skills for thriving in the future workforce and the role mentorship plays in uplifting future Girl Bosses. Get valuable advice on self-care, find inspiration in the lessons learned, and gain wisdom to guide your own path. Don’t miss this transformative conversation that celebrates the potential of young women in shaping a confident and empowered tomorrow.

Why join our live events

There are many reasons to join our live events, but here are our top 3...

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1. Speak with the experts

Get the opportunity to chat to our experts in real time and get live answers.

2. Gain insider insights

Stay up to date with industry best practices with insights from mentors.

3. Meet your peers

Network and gain feedback from like-minded individuals all over the world.

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Upcoming Events

View information on all of our upcoming events below. Registration will open for these events closer to the time of the event taking place. Be sure to secure your spot!

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    Date and time: TBD

Watch our previous events:

Previous event participants have said...

"The resources from The Intern Group are useful to me and the sessions with experts inspire me to and be better everyday"

- Simon Riitho

"I really like the practice space where each of use gave a personal pitch for the interview, I think the most valuable thing was the feedback from the participants"

- Anonymous

"I liked that the information was discussed in an interesting manner."

- Shaun Sarwar

"Everything was very well explained, and the presentation was very interactive, which kept it interesting and engaging."

- Anonymous