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A street at nighttime with a glowing Chicago sign

6 reasons to do an internship in Chicago in 2021

In addition to being the scene of many of America’s most famous cinematic moments, Chicago is also a global business and financial hub. Internships in Chicago are an excellent way to gain experience, no matter your chosen industry. Known as the Windy ...

A man stands on a rooftop in Barcelona

Top Destinations for Independent Travelers

As an independent traveler who works around the world, you’ll inevitably develop favorite destinations. Of course, that also means you get to know a city better and have more time to explore. Depending on the hours you work, you’ll likely be on a ...

a person with a backpack looks out at clouds.

5 Benefits of Being an Independent Traveler

An independent traveler tends to spend a lot of time alone in new places. There are endless benefits to the nomadic professional lifestyle, and people of all ages and in all careers can pursue it. Of course, independent travelers also face additional ...