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Business etiquette in Spanish speaking countries

Mexico City and Madrid are both capital cities that share the same national language, but that’s where their similarities begin and end. In fact, they are nothing alike, which shows that business etiquette in Spanish speaking countries varies greatly. The way of life in Mexico City is very different from that of Madrid, as I have learned […]

Public Health Internships Summer 2019

The medical and health fields are some of the most competitive for students and young professionals. While the coursework required to enter these careers is rigorous, it can be extremely difficult to gain hands-on experience, and even harder to do so before graduation. If you’re looking to make yourself stand out and land a job […]

5 good work habits for a successful career

When you’re first starting your professional career, it can be difficult to know how to be successful. Developing good work habits early on is crucial to success later down the line. Here are ways to start off your internship on the right foot to ensure future good habits in the workplace. 1. Be on time […]

Non-Profit Internships Summer 2019

The nonprofit sector is one of the best places for people to gain professional experience. If you’re looking to develop transferable skills and enhance your CV, start with non-profit internships. Summer 2019 has an incredible variety of options for young professionals seeking to gain experience with international non-profits. International interns are placed according to their […]

Summer 2019 Architecture Internships

Architecture is a difficult field. Becoming an architect involves several years of difficult courses, tough examinations, and the struggle to gain experience. For those who are currently pursuing an architecture degree and thinking about the next step, the time to get prepared is summer 2019. Architecture internships experience abroad is the first step towards becoming […]

Politics Internships: Summer 2019

Politics, both domestic and international, is one of the most competitive fields there is. Getting a foot in the door of the political field can be a tall order, even in your home country. If you’re hoping to pursue a career in international relations and politics, experience abroad is essential and there are plenty of […]

Finance internships in Chile

Where better to launch an international career in Finance than in the capital of Latin America’s most economically stable country, Chile? Chile’s economy currently ranks as the most competitive in Latin America, boasting macroeconomic stability and minimal corruption. In the country’s capital, finance interns will see a strong developing economy at work and contribute to […]

Real Estate internships in Shanghai

In the highly international, modern and competitive city of Shanghai, Real Estate interns will have a professional experience like no other. Immersed in Chinese society, learning the ins and outs of their industry, Real Estate interns will gain the kind of experience that will truly impress a hiring manager. China’s largest city and a global […]

What can I do with a communications degree?

Studying communications can prepare you for a variety of different career paths, depending on your interests. Whether you want to be a media professional, marketing expert or work in human resources, a communications degree can prepare you for it all. So, if you’re asking yourself, “What can I do with a communications degree?” look no […]