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stages of living abroad

The 5 stages of living abroad

It’s not exactly the Kübler-Ross model, but there’s definitely phases to living abroad. Learn more about what to expect during your international adventure and take a look at these 5 stages of living abroad. Individual results may vary.   1. ...

7 ways international internships change lives

There are few things as transformative as an extended experience abroad. It’s a paradigm-shifting kind of thing – especially for people who have never been to a foreign country to begin with. Suddenly, the world seems so much bigger! Life is too ...

The 7 Best Careers To Get Into Right Now

Deciding which degree or career to pursue can be difficult. Not everyone has a clear idea of their professional future, and that’s okay. If you’re looking for the best careers to get into, it’s important to think in the long term. Which ...

7 Tips For How To Handle Culture Shock

Going abroad is an exciting and rewarding experience. As an international intern, you’ll be immersed in a completely new culture, and in some cases a new language. Before you head off for your life-changing experience, it’s important to understand ...