10 alumni quotes about internships in London that will instil wanderlust

1. Wendy’s Experience – Public Relations and Marketing

“Living abroad brings out a whole new level of excitement as you get to meet new friends, you live in a new place, and everything is just new and exciting at the same time. Especially a place like London, it’s just so beautiful, it’s full of history, and it’s vibrant with so many different opportunities, it’s just a great place to be.”

2. Keegan’s Experience – Journalism

“It’s been difficult as a photographer to get accustomed to traveling around the London area. I have a lot of shoots that are all over the city so I really have to learn the routes and get used to traveling all over London. A highlight of my internship has actually been coupled with one of the struggles. So getting to know London’s geography and the whole layout of the city has been a great experience to sort of learn what it’s like. And I’ve gotten to see some really great destinations. Great parks, great properties, great businesses and it’s been a really great experience to see the layout of London.”

3. Gina’s Experience – Public Relations and Marketing

“For me one of the biggest advantages (of The Intern Group program) I found is that they take care a lot of things, for example they took care of my housing. I lived in a student flat, which was really fun. Also the travel, they took care of that too, which is a huge relief. But also for me the main thing was that from the moment I arrived you have a big group of people you can hang out with… I immediately felt welcome and at home.”

4. Melanie’s Experience – NGO

“Some advice I would give to future students and interns would be to just enjoy being abroad, get to see everything, meet new people… I’ve met a lot of fun new people and I think we’ll be friends for a long time.”

5. Sasha’s Experience – Public Relations

“The company I am working for is a PR firm and they help establish relationships with the media. They provide media coverage for brands, they help launch brands in the UK and provide all kinds of media support for them. I do lots of research and I help the company find clients from all over the world that are likely to launch in the UK… This internship is the best thing I could have done for my life and for my career.”

6. Jayme’s Experience – Events management

“One of the highlights of my internship was a fundraising event that we put on for the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home which is one of the largest charities for animals in the UK. That was really fun because I got to see a bunch of cute dogs while I was working the event.”

7. Robin’s Experience – Public Relations and Marketing

“One of the highlights of my internship has been attending the events that my PR firm puts on. We do a lot of events with celebrities and brand launches and they’re all so much fun. I’ve really enjoyed my time in London and I hope to return and work here one day.”

8. Bre’s Experience – Human Resources

My advice for future interns would be to make the most of it. Take every opportunity to learn from your bosses and people who have worked in your industry as well as doing some sightseeing!”

9. Silvia’s Experience – Fashion

“The highlight of my internship has been going to Fashion Week and getting to know a lot of the journalists and other designers.”

10. Ainsley’s Experience – Public Relations

“This internship will be really good for my career because I want to go into governmental communications and it’s really nice to have that global perspective from working in a different country. Describing my experience in one word, I would have to say it really has been life-changing!”

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Elizabeth Trovall

After short stints in Argentina and Belize, Elizabeth is finishing up her fourth year in Santiago, Chile. Elizabeth writes about international internships, life abroad and professional development for The Intern Group. She also reports on politics, business and culture in Latin America for public radio and print media. An Austin, Texas native, Elizabeth first left home to earn her journalism degree from the Reynolds Institute of Journalism at the University of Missouri. Besides her friends and family, she misses live music and Mexican food the most.
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