10 crazy beautiful places to see during your internship abroad

An internship abroad not only offers valuable real-world work experience, but it also gives you the chance to explore some of the most beautiful must see places in the world! Check out these awesome day trip or tourist sites that will blow your mind.


must see places


The chance to visit the beautiful Peñol reservoir or “embalse de Peñol” in Guatape, Colombia is an awesome perk of The Intern Group’s Latin America program. Guatape is located just a couple hours from Medellín – the perfect day trip.


must see places


A serene escape from the bustle of Hong Kong, Lantau Island is an ideal day trip destination for an intern in Hong Kong. Interns can check out the island’s villages and ride the Ngong Ping cable car. The island also is home to the notorious Big Buddha.


must see places


The Madrid internship program includes a day trip to Toledo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with medieval Arab, Jewish and Christian monuments. The charming city is both culturally and historically significant and located a short 70km south of Madrid.


must see places


For a look at 18th-century Georgian architecture, interns in London can take a quick day trip out of town and visit Bath. The southwest England town has original Roman Baths and a Jane Austen Centre.


Interns in Australia can experience this spectacular view for themselves at the Eureka SkyDeck, Melbourne’s tallest building. Apart from the best view of the city, the SkyDeck includes a glimpse of the Dandenong mountain range.


must see places


The flashy city of Macau is known as the mini-Vegas of Asia and boasts an interesting blend of Chinese and Portuguese culture. A day trip to Macau just one of the many benefits of an internship in Hong Kong.


must see places


Mira! Aren’t these Colombian foothills in the Risaralda department amazing? Besides from being stunning, these hills are where much of the country’s coffee is produced.


must see places


The Templo de Debod is an Egyptian temple that was rebuilt in a Madrid park. Peaceful and illuminated at night, the temple is ideal for an evening visit of relaxation.


must see places


Cape Byron is home to one of Australia’s oldest lighthouses and quite the sight to see. Built in 1901, the Victorian era lighthouse is located at Australia’s most eastern point.


must see places


For a look at a real live moat, interns in London can venture out of the city and check out the Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England. A former knight of Edward III built the castle in the 14th century.


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