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9 Reasons To Do An Internship In London

London is one of the most influential cities in the world. London is the largest city in Europe, and one of the most important. The city’s fast-paced, competitive environment is perfect for those looking to get ahead. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate or young professional, an internship in London is an experience unlike any other. Those with professional experience in London will stand out, and gain a unique understanding of global business operations.


Here are 9 amazing reasons to do an international internship in London this year:


A Global Business Hub

The city of London has an economy that is larger than many European countries. London is home to banks and financial institutions, and has the maximum number of foreign banks inside the city. Due to its important role in the global economy, London is also a major trading center, and in fact trades more U.S. dollars than New York and any other European city. Finance is London’s number one industry which explains why it is known as one of the world’s financial centers.

The English language

England is the place where it all started. It’s the mother country of the English language, the most widely spoken language in the world with 400 million native speakers and some 700 million non-native speakers. English originates as a West Germanic language and was spoken first in medieval England.



The Museums

Interning in London offers the opportunity to experience British culture first hand. Some of the world’s best museums are located in London. The city is home to world famous institutes including the British Museum. The British Museum is one of the world’s oldest museums, and houses the Rosetta Stone. Other museums not to miss while doing an internship in London include the Tate Modern, Natural History Museum and Design Museum.


England is the homeland of history’s most prolific playwright, William Shakespeare. Of course, it’s no surprise that England still produces some of the world’s best theatre. Interns in London will appreciate Central London’s West End, where you can see some of the most celebrated performances in the world.

International Influence

Since the 15th century, England has had an international legal and cultural influence. The mother country of the most widely spoken language in the world, there’s no denying England’s longstanding global significance.


People from all corners of the world call London home. In fact, more languages are spoken in London than any other city in the world. In addition to its rich diversity, London also hosts multitudes of cultural events every year, including over 17,000 music performances and more than 250 festivals.


British Culture

Having afternoon tea is one of the most beloved English traditions. Interns in London can experience an authentic London afternoon tea at classic Claridge’s, which offers a wide array of tasty teas, pastries, sandwiches, scones and more. The UK is one of the world’s largest consumers of tea, and you’re likely to be offered a cup when visiting Brits in their home.

The Monarchy

Keep calm and carry on! The Queen and her family continue to play an important part in modern British culture. The Royal Family still followed persistently by the paparazzi and mentioned in the press. Kate, Wills, George and Charlotte are not only followed religiously by the British public and press but also by the global media.


London’s distinctive architecture is world famous. Buckingham Palace, one of the most iconic structures in London, is home to Britain’s Royal Family. Interns can also visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, which dates back to 604 AD, and take a guided tour to learn more about its history. Of course, many visitors to England are eager for a glimpse of the Palace of Westminster, which houses several of the country’s governmental bodies. Sites such as Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and modern buildings including the Shard are also part of London’s unique skyline.


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1. London Classic II, by Thomas Fabian, CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Courtesy of The Intern Group

3. Courtesy of The Intern Group

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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