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10 of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets

Full of stunning national parks and Buddhist temples, Hong Kong has much to offer interns abroad when it comes to memorable activities and experiences. Like most cities, some of the very best of Hong Kong is a bit off the beaten path. For those doing internships in Hong Kong, these 10 very special places and alternative activities are a must.

1) Luk Yu Teahouse

For a deeper understanding of Hong Kong’s colonial past (and some really good eats), spend an afternoon at the Luk Yu Teahouse. The delicious Dim Sum and Cantonese cuisine will make your mouth water. Meanwhile, the tea house itself is a sight to see, with all three three stories decorated to replicate the old-fashioned English colonial style.


2) Camping at Sai Kung Country Park

When the bustle and noise of the city becomes just too much, there’s nothing like taking a weekend away to Sai Kung Country Park. After a short hour hike through the park, you can arrive at various tranquil beaches where you can pitch a tent and take a well-earned break!


3) Man Mo Temple

For a more authentic and spiritual temple experience, the Man Mo Temple is the perfect place. It’s one of Hong Kong’s oldest Taoist temples and not on the radar for most tourists.


internships in Hong Kong


4) Ocean Park

If you’re not into the whole Disneyland thing, the Hong Kong amusement park Ocean Park is a great alternative for a fun Saturday with friends. The park has unforgettable cable car rides and roller coasters with incredible views of the ocean.


5) Temple Street Night Market

This local night time street market has unique energy, a lively atmosphere and is ripe for an evening of exploration. Challenge your fellow interns to see who can find the strangest thing on sale and don’t forget to hear the Cantonese opera singers!


6) The Ark

Even though we’re not sure if it actually could be put into use in the case of a doomsday flood, the Noah’s Ark on Tung Wan Beach looks exactly like the ark mentioned in the bible. It was even built to scale, stretching over 500 feet long and is four stories tall. The Ark offers tours, has a restaurant and also runs as a hotel, if you’re looking to stay the night.


7) Victoria Peak (on foot)

Though the old Victoria Peak Tram is quite the experience – there are alternative ways to arrive at the top of this glorious mountain. For all you outdoorsy folk, try some of the several beautiful trails that can be taken on foot and wind up the mountain.


internships in Hong Kong


8) Wing Lee Street

For a taste of 1960’s Hong Kong architecture check out this memorable street in Sheung Wan. In addition to the lane’s distinct style and history, it also has an interesting backstory. It was originally to be demolished as part of a city renewal project but then was salvaged after the award-winning film Echoes of the Rainbow was filmed there.


9) Lantau Waterfalls

For a serene, secretive swimming spot, venture out to the infinity pool at Lantau. It takes a little navigating but is totally worth the trip. You just need to take a bus to Tai O and go to the temple dedicated to the spouse of Li Ka Shing. There’s a waterworks road to the left of the parking lot on the right side of the temple. After walking ten minutes down the pathway you’ll find the pool. Don’t forget your swimsuit!


10) Me & George

Nearby the famous Temple Street market is the vintage clothing store Me & George which sells unique items and is often frequented by hip Hong Kong artists. The store’s clothing is super affordable and includes many retro Korean and Japanese styles.



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Photo 1. based on Sony #A7s High ISO 6400 Test #HK #HongKong #Asia #Cityscape #City #VictoriaHarbour #Harbour #prosperity #skyline, by
Pasu Au Yeung, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on Ocean Park, Hong Kong, by Martin Lewison, CC-by-SA 2.0

Photo 3. based on Hong Kong – 253, by Kyle Taylor, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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