12 tips for breaking out of your shell at your internship abroad

How to be brave and break out of your shell at your internship abroad


1. Introduce yourself to a new coworker every day.


how to be brave


2. Bake your way into your colleague’s heart by bringing them some delicious homemade treats from your home country.


3. Rehearse what you’re going to say before speaking to your boss or making an announcement.


4. Take deep breaths or a short walk outside when you feel nervous or overwhelmed.


how to be brave


5. If you don’t feel comfortable in big groups, get to know just one or two colleagues at a time by asking them to grab coffee or lunch.


6. Take advantage of online formats to converse with colleagues like email or internal office chats.


7. Smile – it’s the simplest way to communicate friendliness and a positive attitude.


how to be brave


8. Go along with local greetings, like kisses on the cheek, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.


9. When you are just starting out, focus on getting to know the people on your team and that sit by you instead of worrying about conversing with the whole office.


10. Have a sense of humor about yourself. Miscommunication and awkward moments are bound to happen, especially in a multicultural, multilingual office, so learn to take it in stride and maintain a good attitude.


11. Say “yes” to office hangouts, even if you’re nervous.


12. Be patient – it takes time to feel comfortable in a new office, especially when it’s in a foreign country.


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Photo 1. based on Handshake man – women, by Flazingo Photos, CC-by-2.0

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