15 reasons to intern abroad after graduation

Entering today’s job market is a daunting endeavor. For many recent graduates it takes months to find a job, and often the position they finally take isn’t within their desired field. Instead of taking a job that won’t give you relevant experience, consider an internship abroad. Why intern abroad after graduation? Many people intern for their first year out of school anyway, why not do it while living in a foreign country? Take a year to grow instead of spending months searching for a job or settling for something that isn’t a good fit. This is the time in your life you can take risks and have adventures so check out our 15 reasons to take an internship abroad after graduation:



1) You’ll earn relevant work experience in your field of choice, developing your professional skills in a real-world work environment.


2) While your friends are at a boring 9 to 5 office job close to home you’ll be living an exciting, memorable international adventure that you’ll never forget.


3) International experience, especially foreign language skills, will make you a much more appealing candidate for a job when your internship is over.


4) You’ll be more emotionally and professionally mature and qualified when you start applying for jobs again and more likely to find an exciting position in your field of choice.


5) Your international experience will make your resume stand out, getting your foot in the door at amazing work places.


why intern abroad


6) You can test drive your career to make sure your field of choice is something you really are passionate about.


7) You’ll have international office experience, which will look good on a resume whether you decide to stick with your field or not.


8) You’ll create a network of international professional and personal contacts that will connect you to people all around the world. An internship or job in your home country just won’t do that.


9) You’ll have a better idea of office expectations and what office life is like after having adjusted to a foreign country’s office culture.


10) After living in another country, you may decide to launch your career abroad and find a job, opening you up to a whole new world and future.


11) You’ll leave with so many great work and travel stories to tell friends, family, colleagues and even potential bosses in interviews.


why intern abroad


12) You will leave your internship more connected and plugged into your field.


13) You’ll be able to travel to exotic and exciting places on your weekends.


14) The experience will make you more worldly and open-minded than an internship in your own country.


15) You’ll have so much fun!


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Elizabeth Trovall

After short stints in Argentina and Belize, Elizabeth is finishing up her fourth year in Santiago, Chile. Elizabeth writes about international internships, life abroad and professional development for The Intern Group. She also reports on politics, business and culture in Latin America for public radio and print media. An Austin, Texas native, Elizabeth first left home to earn her journalism degree from the Reynolds Institute of Journalism at the University of Missouri. Besides her friends and family, she misses live music and Mexican food the most.
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