25 reasons to intern abroad in Europe

A trip to Europe could change your life. Earn professional work experience while exploring what Europe has to offer through an internship abroad in unforgettable global cities like London, Madrid, Dublin and Berlin. You only get one chance at life – why not make it interesting by doing an internship in Europe?


25 killer reasons to do an international internship in Europe

1. It’s easy to travel around

Europe boasts wonderful public transportation options and affordable flights from city to city that make it easy to get around. Weekend trips in fabulous places like Rome, Bucharest and Lisbon are no sweat.


2. It’s cheap

The cost of food and travel in Europe is relatively low – especially if you are smart about where you spend your euro.


3. You can make travel buddies quickly

Given that the continent is such a huge and popular travel destination, you can easily meet like-minded travelers where you are and join them on an excursion or two.


4. You can get by just speaking English

Although many different languages are spoken throughout Europe, English is a common second language – particularly among young people.


internship in Europe


5. Amazing public transportation

Navigating your destination city should be no problem when you’re in Europe, as most cities, even the smaller ones, have reliable metro stations and bus systems. You can get around easily at any time of day.


6. Europeans

Meeting people from all over Europe is another benefit of taking an internship in Europe. You’ll hear different perspectives on global politics, environmental issues and other interesting topics.


7. Everything is close

You don’t have to travel far in Europe to cross the border into another country, which is a huge benefit of doing an international internship in Europe. You can tick so many places off of your wanderlust list!


8. The history

European history has quite a few more layers than many other parts of the world. You can see it in the buildings, the museums and historical sites.


9. You can learn about so many different cultures

Every country in Europe is extremely diverse, even within their own borders. There are so many cultural practices, food traditions, music traditions and beliefs to take in, appreciate and understand.


internship in Europe


10. The views

Both in the cities and the country, Europe is filled with breathtaking views that will make your Instagram the envy of all your friends.


11. You can learn a new language

There are 24 languages in the EU designated “official and working”. As an intern abroad in Europe, you can choose one of them to focus on and boost your foreign language skills.


12. Bragging rights

A trip to Europe will bring about unforgettable experiences and adventures that will be the source of dinner conversations and anecdotes for the rest of your life.


13. Africa is right there

If you’re interested in northern Africa, it’s not hard to pop down for a few days if you’re based in Spain, for example. Why not check another continent off your travel list?


14. The food

So many delicious cuisines originate from Europe. Whether enjoying the Spanish tortilla or the German bratwurst, each country has something that will make your mouth water.


15. The music

You can hear just about any type of music from around the world in most major European cities – anything from local bands to major international tours.


internship in Europe


16. The architecture

Many of the world’s most beloved architects are from Europe. You can admire their handiwork all over major cities throughout the continent.


17. The museums

All over the region, Europe’s great history and art are preserved in its numerous first-class museums.


18. The art

The continent has the most famous art collections in the world, including the Louvre in Paris, the Prado in Madrid and the Tate Modern in London.


internship in Europe


19. The parks and gardens

European cities often have many green areas where locals can rest and relax. No matter which city you choose in Europe, you’ll find a favorite park to picnic in and soak in the elements.


20. You’ll be more international

Going anywhere abroad will broaden your perspective, however there’s something about traveling through Europe that really opens up your mind to other ways of life and customs.


21. The traditions

From the running of the bulls in Pamplona to Germany’s Oktoberfest, European countries each have their own distinct traditions and festivities that correspond to their rich history.


22. It will change how you see the world

Going to Europe helps round out your world view so that you can see some different points of view from societies that have centuries of history and involvement in global politics.


23. You’ll learn about where you’re from

European countries have played a big hand in the development of societies around the world. All of the Americas, for example, were colonized by Europeans. Though these cultures have developed since colonization, the Americas share a lot of culture with countries like Spain, England, Germany and Portugal.


24. Professional opportunities

Doing an internship in Europe allows you to make unique professional connections and gain experience in your field which will boost your resume and lead to job opportunities in the future.


25. The soccer

There’s no better place to see football (soccer) than in Europe, where there’s always a match going on. It is by far the most popular sport of the region.



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