3 tips to prepare for a great first day at your internship

first day as an intern

Your first day as an intern is always an exciting time, but it can also be a source of anxiety. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have hundreds of questions running through your mind. What should I wear? Is there anything I need to bring with me to work? How do I make a good impression on my boss and colleagues?


My internship this summer in Melbourne was my first ever office job, which made me even more nervous and unfortunately, my first day didn’t go according to plan. In this article, I’m going to share some tips that would have helped me approach the office with confidence.


1. Give yourself time to get to your office

The Intern Group kindly provided me with directions to get to my internship. With only two buses to take and an estimated travel time of forty minutes, the journey was less than my regular commute to university in London and I left the accommodation confident of being on time. However, anyone who has visited Melbourne will know that buses there are a bit different to the ones in London.


After getting on the wrong bus, I had to run back down the street to find a stop where I could change bus routes and by the time I finally found the right one, it was clear that I was going to be late. I quickly phoned staff at The Intern Group who informed my boss, but this was a severe knock to my confidence before I even arrived at work. My advice for your first day as an intern is to set off with as much time as possible to spare.

first day as an intern

2. Be prepared for bad weather

The weather in Australia was great for most of my internship, but unfortunately, I stepped out of the accommodation on my first day to find that it was raining. Rain in the UK is usually light showers, but in Melbourne, when it rains, it pours. I was wearing a coat, but it didn’t have a hood and I had completely forgotten to bring the umbrella I had in my suitcase. In the end, I had to try to dry my clothes on the bathroom hand dryers. No matter which country you’re in, it’s good to have a raincoat and umbrella on hand just in case.


3. Introduce yourself with confidence

When I knocked on the door of my new office, soaking wet and almost half-an-hour late, I wasn’t feeling very confident at all. Luckily, my boss was out of the office and I was greeted by another intern, who made coffee and turned up the heating to help me warm up. It was much easier to introduce myself to someone my own age and by the time that my boss and colleagues came in, I was ready to make a good first impression with a smile and a firm handshake.

first day as an intern

As long as you dress smartly, leave early and prepare for rain, you’ll be ready for your first day as an intern and in the right mindset to greet your new colleagues. I hope this helps you to feel more confident about your first day in the office and even if something happens to knock your confidence, don’t worry. I might not have had the best first day, but my internship turned out to be an incredible experience.


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