4 reasons why London is great for LGBTQ interns abroad

Unfortunately, not all cities around the world are safe or welcoming places to diversity. For LGBTQ youth looking to intern abroad, it’s a relief to find an internship in a progressive, gay-friendly city like London. In fact, the city is home to Europe’s largest population of gays and lesbians and is one of the most open-minded places in the world. An internship in London is ideal for LGBTQ interns looking to boost their career in a city they can feel safe to be themselves. Check out what makes London such an open and gay-friendly place to be!




1. London knows how to show their Pride

Themed “Pride Heroes”, London’s most recent pride parade involved over 30,000 people and 250 different groups, making it the biggest pride parade in the city’s history. In solidarity with the international LGBTQ community, the parade was led by flagbearers holding up flags from every country around the world.




2. The city is full of amazing LGBTQ organizations and resource centers

There are hundreds of LGBTQ groups and organizations available to support gay and lesbian individuals living in London. Organizations like Pace are catered towards supporting the mental health of LGBTQ individuals living in the UK. The group London Friend supports LGBTQ health and wellbeing, offering programs, a helpline and events. For a full list of LGBTQ and ally organizations, Pride London has a thorough listing online.


3. Current English law protects the LGBTQ community

Though interns probably won’t be getting hitched while abroad, it’s a relief to know England is among the countries in the world where same-sex marriage is legal. Civil partnerships have been legal in the UK since 2005 while same-sex marriage became legal in England and Wales in 2014. Same-sex couples in London are also able to adopt children.




4. The city’s full of LGBTQ-friendly spaces and celebrations

There’s tons of LGBTQ art, theatre, events, spaces – even choirs – across the city. Some popular gay hangouts include Old Compton Street and SoHo. Though Pride Festival is definitely the largest LGBTQ event in the city, there are tons of small events scattered throughout the city on any given evening, such as the Pride in the House exhibition of work by gay and lesbian artists.


Boost your career

Whether its an internship in entrepreneurship, theatre, marketing or hospitality, The Intern Group has tons of internship opportunities in London. Live in one of the world’s most diverse cities and boost your career with real-world work experience in London.



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