5 cheap, easy lunches to bring to your internship abroad

For those doing an internship abroad, here is a week’s worth of cheap, easy and healthy meals that will be easy to prepare and take with you. Instead of eating out and wasting money during your lunch hour, you can save that cash for fun stuff like a trip away for the weekend! We kept the ingredients simple so that they’ll be easy to find just about anywhere around the world.


doing an internship abroad



-Ham and cheese apple wraps (wrap fresh ham slices around apple slices and cheddar cheese, hold together with a toothpick)

-Ants on a log (sliced celery with peanut butter spread, sprinkled with raisins)

-Whole wheat crackers



-Chunky egg salad sandwich (chop hard-boiled eggs and celery, mix with mustard, mayonnaise, chopped onion, salt, pepper, serve with sliced bread)

-Unsweetened vanilla yogurt + granola + honey + cinnamon

-Sliced red or green peppers


doing an internship abroad



-Tomato, cucumber, avocado salad (mix 1 cup tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 avocado, feta cheese, 2tbs minced red onion, handful of parsley, red wine vinegar)



-One pot zucchini mushroom pasta (boil 8-10 minutes in 4.5 cups of water the following: 1lb spaghetti, 1lb sliced mushrooms, 2 zucchini, thinly sliced and quartered, 2/3 cup peas, 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced, 2 sprigs thyme, salt and pepper, once boiled stir in 1/3 cup grated Parmesan, ¼ cup heavy cream)



doing an internship abroad


Happy Friday!

-Italian meat sandwich (stack salami, ham, provolone cheese on sliced bread, sprinkle on some oregano and Parmesan)

-Sliced apples with cinnamon

-Carrot sticks


Sources: Greenvalleykitchen.com, Damdelicious.net, Momables


Photo 1. based on Untitled, by steve p2008, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on FOOD_070QW21, by rob_rob2001, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on Eating chocolate brownie, by Leonid Mamchenkov, CC-by-2.0


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