5 long-term benefits of a career in IT

(The benefits of a career in IT and why an internship abroad is key to getting you there!)


1. Constant demand for IT professionals

Computers aren’t going away any time soon and neither are IT professionals. The need for IT sector individuals continues to expand each year, making it an excellent option as a potential career.


2. Work in a dynamic industry

Technology is always evolving and changing, meaning a career in IT will always keep you on your toes. Following industry changes and keeping up with the relevant technologies is what makes IT an interesting career that demands an openness to learn and grow.


career in IT


3. Good salary

On average, IT professionals earn fairly high salaries in comparison to other sectors. Entry-level positions in the field are usually around US$45,000 or US$50,000, while established professionals can earn upwards of US$100,000* a year.


4. Opportunity to grow

IT professionals have a high growth potential with opportunities both within and outside their current workplace. IT departments are multifaceted and contain a variety of professionals who play very different and important roles in how a firm is run. This means that there is a lot of room for movement in a career in IT.


5. The challenges

IT jobs aren’t easy. They require a strong set of analytical skills and technical abilities. IT professionals are bound to encounter obstacles on a day-to-day basis that they have no choice but to solve. These unexpected challenges that arise are what make a career in IT perfect for people who love to solve puzzles and problems.


career in IT


Jump start your IT career with an internship abroad

There’s no better way to get a head start on your IT career than with an internship abroad. The Intern Group places young people in competitive IT internship roles in world class cities like Madrid, Melbourne, New York City, London, Hong Kong and Medellín. Through these demanding positions, interns are able to learn how to succeed in IT, taking on important responsibilities within an established firm. This hands-on experience is vital in finding that great first IT job, as it gives a young person relevant work experience in a competitive, multicultural setting abroad. Moreover, at an internship abroad a young person is able to build a network of professional contacts in their field. Previous IT interns with The Intern Group have worked with leading firms like MicroDynamics and TekPro.


*in the United States



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