5 Must-Eats in Hong Kong

One of the most exciting aspects of travel is the opportunity to try new or famous foods. At The Intern Group we take our meal times very seriously and build opportunities to enjoy delicious and interesting local dishes into our program events. What better way to get to know a country than through its food?

Our top 5 Hong Kong foods

Rickshaw Noodles

These are seriously yummy (and affordable) noodle soups. Rickshaw noodle places are all over Hong Kong and you are sure to find your favourite vendor during your internship. You can choose your soup base, noodle type, meat, vegetables and other additions, leading to hundreds of different combinations to try. We recommend sampling a few before settling on your regular lunchtime order.

Egg Tarts

Maybe not your first thought when you think of Asian food but the British in Hong Kong and the Portuguese across the bay in Macau left behind a tartlet legacy. These egg tarts consist of beautifully smooth and creamy custard in a pastry case and are one of the best afternoon treats you can get. Don’t be surprised to find queues when you arrive at the bakery!


If you are interning over the winter, claypots will become a regular lunch and supper dish. Warming and filling these rice based dishes are delicious comfort food. Rice is cooked in individual claypots and then topped with meat, seafood and vegetables of your choice – from simple pork and cabbage to fancier combinations such as goose liver with wild mushrooms. Despite the delicious additions many maintain that the best bit is the layer of crispy rice found at the bottom of the pot!

Milk Tea

So, it’s technically a drink not a food, but we couldn’t write about Hong Kong cuisine without mentioning milk tea. Using black tea and condensed milk ( or milk and sugar) this drink is made using a filter style usually more associated with coffee than tea – in fact it is said to have been copied from the coffee houses of Hainan island. Locals can talk at surprising length about where to find the best milk tea; you should ask your new colleagues about the best place close to your office.

Egg waffles

These tasty street snacks are also delightfully known as bubble-waffles. The texture is a little different to the waffles you may be used to at home as they contain tapioca starch and there is also an added flavour from the custard powder that goes in the mix. The “sheet-of-bubbles” shape make it an easy treat to share – if you are feeling that generous! Personally, we feel everyone should buy their own!

What are you looking forward to eating in Hong Kong? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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