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5 Reasons Why Doing a Domestic Internship Now Is a Good Idea

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The Covid-19 pandemic has put many things on hold. Students and professionals in every corner of the globe have experienced changes to their studies and careers. If you were planning to travel, work, or study abroad, your plans may have been postponed or canceled. However, while many things have changed, professional progress and development doesn’t have to be completely paused. Pursuing a domestic internship is an excellent way to make sure the pandemic doesn’t hold you back from your professional goals. 

Deciding when and how to find local internships is the first step towards making time during the pandemic count. From searching “local internships around me” to speaking with friends and mentors, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you want to apply for virtual internships? Explore a new city in your home country? While there are many questions to answer, it’s important to identify both your priorities and your comfort zone to ensure you find the right placement for your specific needs.


Here are 5 reasons why you should apply for a domestic internship:


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1. Make yourself competitive in a tough job market

Many economists predict that the pandemic may make it more challenging to find a job. In a tough job market, you’ll want all of the skills and experience possible in order to stand out from the competition. Whether you’ve been laid off from your full-time job, just graduated, or are a student trying to get professional experience, doing an internship domestically shows future potential employers that you’re motivated and hard-working.


2. Take time to discover your passion

If you’re not quite sure what field you want to pursue, or you’re hoping to discover your passion, a domestic internship during the pandemic can be a great opportunity. Explore a new career field, and speak with professionals in top positions at prevalent firms. If you’re pursuing an internship in the interim between graduation and a full-time role, as a summer experience, or as a way to switch fields, take advantage of this transition period.


3. Become digitally savvy

Every company, industry, and economy around the globe is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. During the pandemic, many organizations have switched towards a remote workforce. Some of them have found themselves operating nearly entirely online. Pursuing an internship in the current environment is an excellent opportunity to develop digital fluency. Also, it will help you to become comfortable navigating the technology at the forefront of the global economy.


4. Make a career change

Maybe you’re searching for “local internships around me” because you’ve decided to make a career change. While the pandemic may seem like a daunting time to pursue a new field, it actually provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Many professionals are moving locations and roles, and even industries! A domestic internship in a new field is the perfect way to make that transition, no matter where you are in your career.


5. Get to know a new city

While many interns will choose to pursue remote placements, interning in your home country can also allow you to get to know a new city. An internship in a destination such as New York, London, or Toronto, ensures your resume stands out. Not only will you have professional experience to show for this period of uncertainty, but you’ll also have a strong understanding of how your field has dealt with the crisis, and have witnessed both successes and failures first-hand.


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