5 Useful Social Media Networking Tips

Social media might be the best way to keep up with the success of your second cousin’s baseball team, but it’s also a great way to enhance your professional development. When it comes to social media networking, most people think of the benefits of LinkedIn. However, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can also be platforms for professional success.


1. Find and follow people who inspire you

Regardless of your industry or field of study, there are people out there who have mastered it, perfected it, and who you should look to for inspiration. If you’re in media, it might be a photographer whose photos you love or a journalist whose articles you read. Maybe it’s an entrepreneur or CEO you admire, a fashion designer or a researcher. Find the people who inspire you and follow them on the platform where they are most active in sharing their work. Read and share their work, watch who they follow and are inspired by, and build up your own network.


social media networking tips

2. Promote yourself

Sharing your own work is one of the most important social media networking tips. When you’re looking for internships or jobs, it is essential that your potential employer be able to see your previous work. Remember that you are your own best advocate. Use social media to share your own content, promote yourself and show your passion. Many young professionals choose to create separate Instagram and Twitter  accounts for professional use, which is a good idea if you want to use social media to start a business or promote your own personal brand. Make sure that your accounts and profiles are up-to-date, include your most recent work and experience.

3. Read, read, read

They say the world’s most successful people read constantly. Regardless of your career field, reading as far and as wide as possible is a good way to become an expert, spark new ideas and most importantly, join a wider conversation. While it is important to think critically and be analytical about the content that is shared and read on social media, LinkedIn and Facebook can both be great places to find and read the personal success stories of your heroes. Finding inspiration is important for all young professionals, and joining the conversation is a good way to build connections and a network.


social media networking tips

4. Make connections

Many online connections start offline. As a young professional it is equally important to make appearances at networking events and conferences. Whether they’re hosted by your university, a club, or your dream company, professional events are essential for building a network. In order to maintain the connections you make in person, add them on LinkedIn, or follow their professional profiles on Twitter or Instagram. Remember that there’s a platform that is most appropriate for every scenario.

5. Help others to help yourself

Help others! Share your friends’ successes, promote their work and they’ll do the same for you. Especially after graduation, you’ll want to maintain the connections you built up during your academic career. Social media is a great way to do this, not only personally, but professionally.


Now that you know how to master these social media networking tips, apply now for an international internship.



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