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6 reasons to do an internship in Chicago in 2021

A street at nighttime with a glowing Chicago sign

In addition to being the scene of many of America’s most famous cinematic moments, Chicago is also a global business and financial hub. Internships in Chicago are an excellent way to gain experience, no matter your chosen industry.

Known as the Windy City, Chicago is home to world-famous skyscrapers, top-tier sports stadiums, and of course the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. Of course, you’ve probably already heard about the friendly Midwestern locals that make the city so special. You’ll find both a bustling city, and the charm of small town living in this thriving metropolis.

If you’re considering doing an internship in Chicago in 2021, check out a few of the best things about this city:


The skyline

The Chicago skyline is one of the most famous of all American cities. It features a number of world-famous skyscrapers, including the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower,) which is the tallest in the city. Even if you only make it to Chicago as a tourist, make sure to check out the observation decks that take you far above the glittering city.


The Chicago skyline from above at sunset


Chicago has a long list of world-class museums. The well-known Museum of Science and Industry boasts the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere. The Art Institute of Chicago is another must-see for interns and tourists alike. It’s one of the oldest and largest art museums in the country, and is home to many of history’s greatest artists, including Picasso.


Even if you’ve never been to Chicago, you’ve probably heard of Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs baseball team. A baseball game is a true Chicago cultural experience, so make sure to get it on your list! Of course, if baseball isn’t your thing, Chicago also hosts exciting basketball, hockey, soccer, and football.


If you decide to do an internship in Chicago, you can’t leave without trying the city’s specialty: deep-dish pizza. This iconic dish is synonymous with the Windy City, and any local will tell you their version far outstrips that of both the east and west coasts. However, pizza isn’t the only food Chicago is famous for.  Try a Chicago-style hotdog, with mustard, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and a pickle, all in a sesame seed bun. In addition to these iconic dishes, Chicago’s food scene is filled with diverse, delicious cuisine. Check out the city’s Italian food, Greek fare, German cuisine, and Puerto Rican specialties before you leave!



Depending on when you decide to do an internship in Chicago, you may get to experience some of the city’s most famous events. You’ve probably heard of Lollapalooza, the famous music festival held annually in Grant Park. But that’s not the only musical event worth attending. There’s also the Spring Awakening Music Festival, and the Chicago Jazz Festival, to name just a few. The city is also famous for its parades, including the Pride Parade in June, and of course the Thanksgiving and Christmas Day parades.


Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is so beautiful it deserves a category all to itself. Both Chicago and Milwaukee border this beautiful lake, which is one of the largest in North America. Though Chicago isn’t on a coast, it has some truly beautiful beaches, and of course the lake provides great opportunities for recreation year-round.


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1 Chicago nighttime, by Neal Kharawala on Unsplash.

2 Untitled, by Becky Phan on Unsplash.

Photos and blog by Maeve Allsup

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