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Alumni Files: 6 Reasons Why I Love Working for The Intern Group

Hi! I’m Brian Limbo, like the dance, and I did an international internship in Colombia in 2013 through The Intern Group. Three years later, I now work as the Experience Coordinator for the New York program. These are the top 6 reasons why I love my job:


1. I’m doing something that I’m truly passionate about

I’ve always been passionate about self-development. Whether it is on a personal or professional level, I’ve always been eager to find different ways to better myself. I think it’s important to take several moments throughout life’s journey to spend time and reflect on where you started, see how far you’ve come, and constantly rethink where you eventually plan on ending up. That’s where my work with The Intern Group comes in. The beauty of an internship is that you get an opportunity to try new things, put classroom theory to the test, fail gloriously at given tasks, and learn tremendously from your mistakes. You only get better at something by trying it first, so doing an internship is the most productive way of figuring that out. The experience may be temporary, but the knowledge gained is something that you will carry with you permanently for the rest of your life. By getting to work with The Intern Group, I get to be part of that self-development process for so many people and have the privilege of helping them realize their full potential.


2. I’m doing something that I’m good at

I’m a people person! I thrive in an environment where lots of people are involved. I’m also good at making connections and connecting people. I love facilitating relationships and promoting meaningful conversation. By working with The Intern Group, I get to do both! I have several opportunities to not only grow my network, but also link people together for their mutual benefit. First, eager interns get a space to prove their capabilities and develop new skills. Second, ambitious companies benefit from the interns’ youthful energy and undying commitment to exceed expectations. Being in a position where I can facilitate this mutually beneficial exchange, I get to do something I’m good at and, at the same time, make a difference in the world.


reasons why i love my job


3. I’m doing something that fits my personality

I am a natural entertainer! I am constantly energetic, very charismatic, and over the top. I may not be the most organized or efficient office worker, but I know how to tell a good joke and am often admired for my wit (or at least that’s what they tell me…). These characteristics may not propel me up a corporate ladder, but they are qualities and traits that are appreciated in my role as the Experience Coordinator for Intern New York. It is important to find what fits you and your personality, and not try to fit in a mold made by the expectations of others.


4. Working for a growing organization is awesome!

By working in a growing organization, you immediately get exposure to all areas. You have the unique opportunity to wear many different hats. From Marketing to Operations, you can’t help but adapt and learn the different functions of the organization to meet the demand of the workload. You’re given a lot of responsibility and you know that all of your work matters and no efforts go unnoticed. I also love the fact that I am constantly engaged with entrepreneurial culture. I love how I am surrounded by other growing organizations who are also passionate about their work and are constantly trying to be more innovative in their industries. You cannot help but hear about the newest technologies being used and how each one is going to change the world as we know it. You hear so much about how people plan to revolutionize the way we as a human race think and how each entrepreneur plans to “disrupt” the current status quos. It’s that supportive, high-energy and intellectually stimulating environment that draws people in and makes all the hard work worth it in the end.


reasons why i love my job


5. Working with an international team is awesome!

The fact that The Intern Group has offices all over the world is such an enriching experience. With each international call or meeting, I get access to opinions that are immediately different from mine and my perceptions of the world are constantly challenged. I gain so much insight from exchanging ideas with my international counterparts and learn so many innovative methods from their experiences of solving local problems. They say that, “you are the average of your peers or the people you spend the most time with”, so with each day that I work with The Intern Group, I grow more worldly and globally conscious as a person.


6. I’m constantly meeting new interns and making new friends

What I love most about my job as the Experience Coordinator in New York is the fact that I get to meet cool, new people each month and actually get a chance to build a relationship with them. In addition, with interns coming from all over the world and from different backgrounds, I get to explore new cultures and life experiences – all without having to leave New York City! It’s like traveling without having to physically travel. By getting to hear about each intern’s personal story and listening to their opinions about the world, I get a unique glimpse into entire countries, cultures and lifestyles. I get to see the world through someone else’s eyes and have it described to me from the perspective of a local. Each exchange for me is both unique and personal.


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