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7 benefits of a career in Journalism

…and how an internship abroad will help get you there!

Competitive and fast-paced, those pursuing a career in journalism need to be quick-thinking, adventurous and curious individuals that believe in the power of the media. Despite the fact that the career has been undergoing many changes, adapting to the rise of online news consumption, the basics of the business remain the same. You still need to know how to tell an interesting story in a clear and concise way that informs and compels a reader, viewer or listener. The evolving career field continues to attract hard-working and bright individuals because of the many benefits it offers.


7 benefits of a career in Journalism


1. You get to learn for a living

Journalism is the career for the curious. Every day you wake up and are paid to investigate new topics or events occurring in your community. You learn something new every day as a journalist, which is what makes the career so rewarding.


2. You work on challenging and exciting projects

The life of a journalist can be both demanding and exciting. Imagine that you’re covering local news, you always have to be right where the action is! Working against deadlines to deliver a great story in action-filled environments is a constant adrenaline rush.


career in Journalism


3. You work among passionate, informed people

Journalism tends to attract intelligent and hardworking people who care a lot about what they do. Given that the career isn’t as lucrative as other communications jobs, and requires similar skills, journalism is a “passion career”. The benefits come from the internal rewards of the career rather than from the paycheck, so there are many people working in the industry because they love it.


4. You feel a strong sense of achievement

Unlike most people’s work, which is recognized within an office space, journalists publish their work for the public. Even if the audience is small, journalists reach a group of people with their research and writing who are (hopefully) gaining insight from their work.


5. You get to travel

Though every journalism career is different, many reporters have the chance to travel during the course of their career – especially international correspondents. Even local city reporters often have to travel to rural areas for special stories or reports as part of their job. It sure beats sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen for 40 hours a week.


6. You get to meet a lot of interesting people

Interviewing a wide range of people with diverse backgrounds is a huge perk of the life of a journalist. You’re constantly exposed to new characters and you get to hear their stories, research, and opinions. It’s a great career for social spirits.


7. You become an expert in your community

Nobody knows their community better than the local journalist. Their job is to know as much of what’s going on in the area as possible. It makes you more connected to where you live and the people around you because you have that deep knowledge of the city’s intricacies.


career in Journalism


Why intern abroad?

The key to starting up a career in the competitive field of journalism and media is getting real-world experience. You have to learn by doing. An international internship in Journalism can offer just that, along with the opportunity to gain international experience working and living in a foreign country. The Intern Group offers high-quality journalism internships in cities like Madrid, New York, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Medellín and London. There’s no better way to get a step ahead in this exciting and competitive career field.


What are you waiting for? Learn more about how to boost your career in journalism with an internship abroad.




Photo 1. based on Final Next Journalist competition at Crowd Expedition HQ, by Crowd Expedition, CC-by-ND 2.0

Photo 2. based on Journalist, by Esther Vargas, CC-by-SA 2.0

Photo 3. based on journalists at play, by Lisa Padilla, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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