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7 benefits of a career in Real Estate

A career in Real Estate has a lot to offer young and ambitious self-starters. Real Estate demands the right balance of motivation, social skills and negotiation tactics and can be an extremely rewarding career path. It’s an exciting but demanding industry that offers a lot of independence. Learn exactly what a career in Real Estate can do for you and why an internship abroad is an ideal way to get ahead in this competitive industry:


7 benefits of a career in Real Estate

1. Business growth is up to you

Real estate agents have the flexibility to grow or scale back their business. How much you earn depends on your work, so if you invest in expanding your business it can really pay off in the long term. There’s no limit to how much you can make or how much business you bring in.


2. Competitive salaries

Instead of being limited by hourly wages, real estate professionals are able to earn whatever they are able to sell. Not having a limit on income is a major benefit to working in real estate and is a great incentive to bring your best to your work.


a career in Real Estate


3. It’s fast-paced and demanding

Working in real estate keeps you on your toes. If you don’t sell, you don’t make money. But that pressure is also a part of the rush and excitement around the real estate industry. If you’re willing to work hard, it can be a very fast-paced career that’s both dynamic and lucrative.


4. It’s a social job

Being social and making connections is an important part of being a real estate agent. The job is perfect for professionals who enjoy networking and meeting new people.


5. It offers a lot of independence

In the way many corporate jobs revolve around an office, where managers and coworkers surround you all day, real estate professionals spend a large amount of their work day out of the hierarchical office. They answer mostly to themselves, rather than a manager, making it a great career for people who work best without a lot of oversight.


a career in Real Estate


6. There’s always a need for property

The real estate market definitely sees fluctuations over time. That being said, the need for property to do business and live will never cease to exist which means that real estate agents can survive an economic slump.


7. A day “at the office” isn’t at the office

Though office time is sometimes necessary, real estate agents do a lot of their business outside of a cubicle. Meeting at properties is common, which is nice because it shakes up the week a bit, adding a bit more variety into your work life.


What an international internship in Real Estate can do for you:

Internships abroad are ideal for young professionals keen on boosting their career and getting their foot in the door in the Real Estate industry. International Real Estate interns at The Intern Group work at professional, established Real Estate firms in major global cities like New York City, London, Hong Kong, Madrid, Medellín, and Melbourne. An internship abroad in Real Estate is a unique experience that provides career-changing professional support and insight. Moreover, working alongside established Real Estate professionals is a great way to make international professional contacts and learn more about the biz.


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Photo 1. based on Sold Sign Board, by Mark Moz, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on House, Property, Real Estate For Sale Sign, by Mark Moz, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on real-estate-nicci-4, by Nicci Romanovsky, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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