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7 benefits of interning in an international office

There’s a world of difference between “traveling abroad” and “interning abroad”. An international internship offers work experience in a foreign culture, where eager young professionals put their independence, adaptability, teamwork and language skills to the test. Here are 7 killer benefits of working abroad and interning in an international office:


1. You learn team building skills across cultures

Knowing how to work together with others to overcome challenges is one of the most important professional skills a person can have. The difficulty always comes when group members have really different ideas on how a problem can best be solved. These differences in opinion and methodology can be even more pronounced when you throw cultural differences into the mix. Learning how to work through these differences and problem solve as a team in a foreign office is a professional lesson with unique and longstanding value.


2. You understand the importance of both listening and observing

When you walk into a new job in a new country you’re essentially starting from zero. You need to adapt and adjust as quickly as possible. It’s important to not only ask the right questions, but pay attention to what you’re told and to your surroundings. Learning how to read a room rapidly and soak up information will serve you for the rest of your personal and professional life.


3. It’s a great way to dive into a new culture

Surrounding yourself with a group of established professionals in a new country is a great way to learn about a new culture. Your new coworkers can help you make your way around a new city. They’ll also give you vital, insider tips on where to go and what to see.


benefits of working abroad


4. International work experience will make your resume shine

Internships are an absolute must these days in order to stay competitive in the current job market. When you go abroad for an internship, the real-world international experience really sets your resume apart from the rest.


5. Learning how to think on your feet

When you’re adjusting to a new international office and environment, you’re essentially improvising. You likely won’t feel immediately comfortable as you’re trying to process as much new information as possible. This process of being thrown into the deep end and having to problem solve prepares a young intern to think fast, maintain calm and find solutions.


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6. Rubbing elbows with interesting global leaders

Interning in an office abroad presents numerous networking opportunities to eager young professionals. Making international professional contacts and meeting business leaders from around the world can lead to unique job opportunities. It also inserts an intern into a multicultural professional circle that can lead to many more opportunities later on in life.


7. You learn office lingo in another culture or language

Internships present an ideal opportunity for young people to immerse themselves in a foreign office culture. An important aspect of this culture is learning how to speak and interact in an unknown cultural environment.



Now that you know the many benefits of working abroad and interning in an international office, apply now to boost your career!



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