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7 Careers for English Majors

English degree jobs:

English majors are well positioned for success in many industries. English degree jobs range from journalism and multimedia to research, analysis and marketing. Start by finding an internship that utilizes your top skills, or allows you to discover what those are.

Furthermore, interning abroad adds an extra layer to make your resume stand out. Potential employers want to see that you are globally minded and adaptable. Put your skills to use in a professional environment and gain a unique perspective while being outside of your comfort zone. If you’re hoping to work abroad in the future, getting a degree in English is a great place to start. Here are the top careers for English majors:


Journalism might be the most obvious of the top English degree jobs. However, it is also an extremely diverse career field. Whether you’re interested in print, online or multimedia, you can put your writing skills to work in this industry. Good journalists obviously have excellent writing capabilities, but are also skilled in research and analysis. As a journalist, you’ll be able to pursue those topics that interest you most, even identifying a specialty.

 English degree jobs

Public Relations

Strategic communication is an excellent field to use your speaking and writing skills. In Public Relations, professionals manage the communications for an organization, across many platforms. As a PR intern, you’ll have the chance to engage with both the press and important companies, building up lasting connections. Whether your specialty is writing or public speaking, there’s a role for you in Public Relations.


From advertising and social media management to brand creation, written content is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Developing marketing skills and experience is an excellent way to enter almost any industry, as all companies and organizations need marketing to get the word out. Similarly, a career in marketing is both creative and analytical, making it easy to apply what you’ve learned in your degree to real world situations.


After graduation, consider putting your writing skills to work for the screen. As a capable writer, you’ll be able to adapt your style for multimedia. Whether you write for news or entertainment, you’ll need to gain experience in this highly competitive industry. Start out with an internship in television and film, to build your network as well as your skillset.


English degree jobs



If you’re looking for highly competitive and fast paced English degree jobs, consider spending a few more years in school. Pursuing a law degree will allow you to utilize your skills with the written and spoken word. An English degree will prepare you well for law school. Critical reading and analysis skills as well as public speaking, are essential for a good lawyer. Boost your law school applications with an international law internship.


Every organization needs a strong writing team. Whether local or international, NGOs and Nonprofits need skilled writers to run awareness campaigns. As a young professional, you can get your foot in the door with an international internship in the nonprofit sector. With top-notch writing skills and international experience, you’d be an asset to any team.


If you studied English as your second language, one of the best English degree jobs for you could be in languages and translation. Being multilingual is a highly desirable skill in today’s job market. Also, as a translator, you could have the opportunity to travel and work in many different parts of the world. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Combine it with Chinese or Spanish, and you’ll be unstoppable!


Now that you know career options for English degree majors, apply now to boost your resume abroad.



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