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7 high-paying careers for ambitious millennials

Financial stability in your career opens up a world of opportunities. Learn which career paths are the most lucrative and what skills, experience and education you need to follow that path. The following are 7 high-paying careers for ambitious millennials.


1. Medicine

There are a number of high-paying jobs that demand a medical background. Some of the highest paying jobs out there are as an anesthesiologist, surgeon, obstetrician, gynecologist, orthodontist, dentist or pharmacist. Even physician’s assistants can make upwards of $112,000. Of course, these lucrative positions demand extra years of schooling to earn medical degrees, but can provide a great deal of job stability and wealth. Anesthesiologists, for example, earn an average salary of around US$200,000 in the United States.


2. Finance

A career in finance can really pay off. Finance professionals often earn six figure salaries. A career in finance starts with the right studies. Earning a degree in fields like finance, economics, statistics or business is common among finance professionals. A crucial step to success in finance is also earning real-world experience and growing your network through an internship abroad.


high-paying careers


3. Sales & Business

Unsurprisingly, if you’re interested in business, there are lots of opportunities to make good money in the sales and business sector. Business-operations managers, for example, are some of the highest payed professionals out there. Also, if you’re money motivated and interested in sales there are tons of opportunities to make excellent salaries in consumer packaged goods, consulting, software, and digital media sales.


4. Engineering

Engineering encompasses many different career fields. Not only do engineers make respectable salaries, (a nuclear engineer, for example earns about $95,000 a year) there’s also a consistent need for engineers in today’s job market. Besides earning a bachelor’s degree in the engineering sector that you’re most interested in, a great way to prepare for a career in engineering is through gaining real-world experience. Learning the ins and outs of your industry is best through internship opportunities, where you can gain a more thorough understanding of your field and sub branch and make connections with industry leaders.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ―Winston S. Churchill”


5. Law

Though law degrees take years of study, practicing law can be anywhere from economically stable to very lucrative. Trial Lawyers can make an impressive paycheck when taking on high-dollar cases. Intellectual Property lawyers also make a pretty penny, earning a median pay $143,000/year. Judges and magistrates are also notoriously paid well in the field of law.


high-paying careers


6. IT

In the tech world, there are any number of lucrative positions out there as we become ever more reliant on technology. Applications development manager, for one, is among the highest-paid positions, earning some $112,000/year. Other high-earning tech positions include software engineering manager, information-technology architect, software architect and solutions architect.


7. Marketing

Marketing professionals get to leverage their creativity and use it to promote business. This makes it an incredibly lucrative field, especially marketing management positions. Learn about how the marketing and PR industry works through an internship abroad, while also gaining an international perspective that can expand your outlook.



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Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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