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7 misconceptions about traveling and interning abroad

why do an internship


1. “Abroad” is code for “party”

Many times students and young professionals perceive an experience abroad as an opportunity to party in a foreign country. That may be the case in some less-rigorous study abroad sessions. However, The Intern Group program heavily focuses on professional development and places interns in demanding roles at leading companies in the intern’s industry of choice. The internship program is aimed at giving budding professionals the opportunity to get real-world, international work experience, which is of growing importance in the increasingly globalized world. Though socializing is encouraged among interns, the program’s focus is on launching a young professional’s career.


2. It’s too expensive

Well why do an internship abroad? The value of an international intern abroad experience is immeasurable. Considering the long-term benefits, the value greatly outweighs the cost of an internship abroad, which is generally less than a semester at a university. Interns also have many financing options available to them that can help pay for the program.


why do an internship


3. It’s too big of a hassle

After considering housing, logistics, the visa process and nailing down an internship, organizing all the details of an internship abroad may seem impossible. The beauty of The Intern Group program is that all of the stressful elements of being abroad are taken care of. Someone on staff sets up accommodations, helps with your visa, finds your internship and answers any questions you have along the way. It’s the least-stressful way to live and work abroad.


4. I won’t have any friends

There are tons of ways to meet friends during an internship abroad. All the rest of the interns in the program are in the same boat as you and are eager to make new connections. The Intern Group even organizes trips and events with other interns to join everyone together. At your internship abroad you will also have the chance to work alongside locals and make professional and personal connections with coworkers.


5. I need to speak a foreign language

The Intern Group program offers a variety of internships, many that require only English, even at destinations like Hong Kong and Madrid. Just some of the roles available require foreign language skills. And for those who want to learn, foreign language classes are available in the Madrid, Hong Kong and Colombia programs for every skill level. Beginners totally welcome!


why do an internship


6. It’s dangerous

Though there are spotty parts of every city, The Intern Group places interns not only in safe cities, but also within very secure neighborhoods within the cities. Internships and classes are also based in safe neighborhoods to ensure intern security. The Intern Group has never had security issues with participants at any of the internships or accommodations.


7. I’ll miss my family and friends too much

The fear of being homesick and being far away from family is often a concern of potential interns. Though nothing can replace that feeling of being close to those you love, interns so often leave the internship with so many significant professional and personal life experiences, they often forget those feelings of homesickness. It being the 21st century, there are also tons of ways to keep in touch with those you love on a daily basis. Intern accommodations are equipped with internet access so family and friends are always just a Skype call away. Moreover, interns are often so busy meeting new people, exploring their new city and working at their internship, they don’t have too much time to wish they were back home.


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Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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