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7 Reasons to Live in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh skyline at sunset

There are endless reasons many solo travelers choose to visit or live in Edinburgh. The Scottish capital is one of the most scenic, livable cities in Europe. It’s a hub for politics, business, finance, and just about anything else you can think of. It’s also home to several world-class universities, and therefore full of exciting events and people from all around the world.

Edinburgh is incredibly green, very walkable, and extremely historic. No matter where you turn, you’ll find remnants of Scottish history, both ancient and modern. Imagine colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, towering cliffs, and a giant castle in the middle of the city.

If you’re trying to decide whether to live in Edinburgh, whether as a student, remote worker, or even to visit as a tourist, check out a few of the city’s best elements:



If you ever have the chance to visit Edinburgh, make sure you set aside time for a historical tour. The city is absolutely bursting with history! It actually dates all the way back to the Middle Ages, so there’s plenty to explore. Edinburgh is not only Scotland’s political capital, but the intellectual and cultural capital as well. Edinburgh castle sits within the city limits, and of course the National Museum of Scotland is a must-see for history buffs.



One of the best things about deciding to live in Edinburgh is the access to live music. The nightlife in Edinburgh is unlike anywhere else. From traditional music performances in pubs, to discos, comedy clubs, and everything in between, you’ll never be bored. No matter your preferred scene, there’s something for you in Edinburgh. Wherever you go, you’ll probably be invited to taste the country’s most famous drink – Scottish Whiskey.



If you love spending weekends exploring museums, Edinburgh is a great place to live. The National Museum of Scotland is home to a wealth of Scottish culture and history, and has exhibits featuring everything from fashion to the natural world. The National War Museum is the perfect place to learn about Scotland’s conflicted, and often bloody past. And of course, don’t pass up a chance to visit The Writer’s Museum, which celebrates some of the country’s literary greats.


Travel Opportunities

Edinburgh is a great home-base if you want to visit the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, including the Isle of Skye or any of the other islands. From Edinburgh you can hop on a train and be in London in just a few hours. A few extra hours gets you into Wales, and of course a short ferry trip can get you all the way to mainland Europe. Finally, Edinburgh is home to a fantastic international airport, making it easy to realize all your international travel dreams!



One of the reasons so many students and digital nomads choose to live in Edinburgh is because it’s considered a very safe city. In fact, it’s frequently voted one of the safest cities in Europe. This is particularly important to consider if you’re a solo traveler. It’s generally safe to take a taxi or another ride-share, and reports of pick pocketing are also fairly low. That being said, it’s always important to be cautious and avoid taking risks when you’re traveling.



Edinburgh’s staggering landscape is one of the reasons the Scottish capital is so unique. You’ll not only find castles within the city limits, but sprawling parks and immense greenery. If you love nature or just being outdoors, Edinburgh is an unbeatable destination!



Getting around Edinburgh is easy, and that starts when you arrive at the airport. It’s simple to take a bus or tram downtown, and once you get there, the city is small enough to make walking feasible. For anywhere further than a short walk, the bus and tram systems are extensive, and of course there’s always a taxi!


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1 A short walk after finishing work up Calton Hill, by Adam Wilson on Unsplash.

2 Evening in Princes St Gardens Edinburgh Aug 2020, by Stuart Hay on Unsplash.

Photos and blog by Maeve Allsup

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