7 ways an internship abroad will help you snag your first job

1) Multicultural, professional work experience

Why do an internship abroad? Well instead of trying to convince a potential employer that your studies have prepared you to work, you’ll have real-world professional experience to refer to during a job interview. You’ll also have the chance to explain how the experience challenged and tested you more than a normal internship because it was based in a foreign country.


why do an internship


2) Industry knowledge

Even if you studied your trade at school, the likelihood is that university prepared you with a more general idea of your industry. However, with an internship abroad you learn quickly what really matters to employees when they’re hiring because you’ve already been working inside a company. This knowledge will go a long way during a job search.


3) Comfort in a professional environment

Rubbing elbows and making small talk with professionals in your industry will become easier after adjusting to the workplace environment with your internship abroad. Networking, interviewing, writing emails… all of these professional communication skills will improve after having real-world experience. Knowing what to say also will make you more confident and comfortable during the interview process.


why do an internship


4) You’ll have a portfolio

Depending on on your job, after working at an internship you will have a few previous works to add to your portfolio. Even if you weren’t paid for the work, it will speak to your real-world abilities more so than something you did in school.


5) Your resume will shine

Not only will you be better prepared for a job after an internship abroad, you’ll appear better prepared. Your resume will include more relevant experience and experience abroad, which jumps out to prospective employers when they are scanning CVs.


why do an internship


6) The contacts

An internship abroad is a great place to meet people from all over the world who work in your field. If you do a good job, after your internship these people will be an email or phone call away for when you’re on your job search.


7) You’ll have a work reference

A former boss is generally a better recommendation than an old professor, which is why an internship is hugely important. Instead of attesting to your student life, a boss at your internship will be able to explain to a potential employer exactly how you work and what you have to offer.


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Photo 1. based on Time To Break From Work, by Nana B Agyei, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on Workplace 2, by Hugo Chisholm, CC-by-2.0

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