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Alumni Files: 7 ways my international internship changed my life and made me want to work for The Intern Group

1. My internship abroad made me push my boundaries.

Flying across the world to live and work in a strange country gave me lifelong courage. It’s by taking these chances that you get the most out of life and your career. Knowing what I was capable of, I then had the courage to start in a role completely unrelated to my studies, where each day is a learning experience of its own. I couldn’t have imagined myself in the job I’m in today before doing my internship abroad. I am faced with weekly challenges and opportunities and am more comfortable in my ability to adapt and learn now more than ever.


2. Internships are the way of the future.

I already knew that internships were important, especially in the industry in which I studied (journalism). University graduates face a job market where companies are on the lookout for young people who already hold a certain level of experience in the industry. It’s the tough truth that those who’ve actively pursued and performed well in internships will usually be favored over those who haven’t. On occasion, interns can even be lucky enough to be offered employment from the company they’ve interned for. I’m now lucky enough to be able to help young people just like myself find professional experiences that will hopefully open doors to their future careers.


my internship abroad

My work that was published during my internship at The Resident magazine.


3. I realized that the job market is not the same.

Throughout my high school experience there was still a lingering message that pushed the idea that you should choose a career path that you would stay in forever. This can’t be further from today’s reality. To date, I’ve worked in over four completely different fields, and working here at The Intern Group has been no exception. Companies that are set to flourish in this new environment are those that are smaller, adaptable, and willing to embrace technology. I figured out pretty quickly that the idea that I had in my head of the job I’d be in in ten years’ time might not even exist. My internship abroad has opened my eyes up to the thousands of paths that I can take with my career. Rather than letting this prospect scare me like it used to, I’m learning to embrace it.


4. My internship abroad gave me international connections for life.

Interning for a company in London has given me a wealth of international connections. (Not to mention how it has made my CV stand out!) My internship abroad with The Intern Group helped me recognize just how global business now is. Today, I often find myself on calls with colleagues from Chile to London. I’m part of a dynamic, international team – which is brilliant.


5. I learned that there’s nothing better than an overseas adventure.

From exploring different cultures to learning how to navigate a different city’s public transport, my internship overseas fully immersed me into London life. I’d like to think that from the moment that the interns step off the plane, myself and the team at Intern Australia are there to answer any questions, provide local tips on the city, and act as a support system for them when in need. I really appreciated that support system during my own time as an intern.


my internship abroad


6. My internship showed me that your career is only what you make it.

It didn’t take me long in the environment of my internship to recognize that nothing is more highly valued than good, hard work. What you might be lacking in skill or experience, you can certainly make up for in enthusiasm and willingness to learn. The reason that you enter into an internship is to expand your skills and come away with an experience that has taught you something. Working for The Intern Group, I am constantly in an environment of change. Having the first-hand experience as an intern helped me recognize that you should be constantly pushing yourself to learn.


7. My internship abroad helped me grow up.

One of the fastest ways to learn how to fill those adult shoes – intern overseas. From my first admissions interview through to organizing my visa, flights and travel arrangements, I felt like I was becoming more independent with every step. I saved each dollar I earned and paid for my internship abroad myself, which wasn’t easy, but was a great experience in being self-sufficient. Being a part of The Intern Group allows me to be a part of this process for our own participants, and I’d like to think that I can help those feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of such a big step in their lives.


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Photo 1. by Phillipa Rust.

Photo 2. by Phillipa Rust.

Photo 3. by Phillipa Rust.

Photos and blog by Phillipa Rust

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