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8 advantages of interning abroad later in life

It’s never too late for an internship abroad. Don’t let the stereotype of the college intern discourage you from making a life and career-changing decision. If you’re interested in making a career move, international internships are a bold and exciting way to do it. Learn the many advantages of internships for adults.


1. It’s a chance to be a student again

One of the keys to success is to never stop learning in life. No age is too late to take a seat back in the student section. An internship is the excuse to focus time on energy soaking up new information while boosting your resume.


2. You bring a lot of professional experiences to the table

As an intern with significantly more experience, you have a huge advantage. You know how workplaces operate, how to navigate office politics, what it’s like to be new to a career, etc.


3. It will help you further define career goals

Making a career shift is a big decision and not one that should be taken without proper thought and research. Internships for adults can help an older professional decide if this career move is right for them by test-driving a new career. With real-world experience in a different industry, a professional will be able to make an educated decision on what they want next.


internships for adults


4. Networking opportunities

Internships for adults can help a mid-career professional expand their list of contacts to a whole new industry. As an experienced networker, you’ll know how to take full advantage of an internship. You understand how to build a professional circle of your own. Being at an internship abroad also offers the added bonus of establishing international connections with people from around the world.


5. Adding an international perspective will deepen your understanding of the world

Spending time abroad is a great way to add nuance and complexity to your perspective of the world and other cultures. Immersing yourself in an international office environment will help you witness firsthand how another culture interacts and functions.


internships for adults


6. You know how to behave in an office already

Adults should already understand what office behavior looks like. Even though every office is different, adults will be quick to adapt to a new office environment, making the transition easier overall.


7. You’ll be more likely to be trusted with big projects

Being an experienced professional vouches for your sense of responsibility and judgement. Mature interns are more reliable for taking on projects, which means there’s more opportunity to learn and grow. An adult intern will be able to get even more professional experience and responsibility than a young person.


8. Travel opportunities

Interning abroad allows for the added bonus of international travel while you’re immersing yourself in a new industry. Spending an extended period of time in a leading international city will allow for adventurous daytrips and plenty of weekend wanderlust.


Learn more about how you can boost your resume abroad with internships for adults.


1. based on workspace, by Tayloright, CC-by-2.0

2. based on workspace, by Tayloright, CC-by-2.0

3. based on office-worker-calling, by Taylor Johnson, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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