8 great reasons to intern in Spain

1) The people

The Spanish have a reputation for being friendly, laid back and warm people who enjoy welcoming foreigners into their country. Their accommodating and hospitable spirit makes Madrid a wonderful place for an intern abroad. The Spanish also have a sense of pride about their culture and country which is nice when you’re visiting and want to learn about what makes the nation special.


intern in Spain


2) The museums

Interns will have some of the world’s most treasured art surrounding them while living amidst Madrid’s renowned museums. The local modern art museum, The Reina Sofia, is home to the internationally famous mural Guernica by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. Amongst thousands of visiting international tourists, interns can also check out Madrid’s famous Prado museum, which boasts works by Goya and Rubens.


3) The cuisine

An intern in Spain will have an array of scrumptious food options to choose from during their stay. Tapas or small plates are a favorite way to eat and share with friends and family. Delicious tapas like patatas bravas and croquetas are a must for interns in Spain. The country also offers a wide variety of delicious meats and hams that make for great sandwiches or snacks for a picnic in the park. For something sweet, interns can bask in the delicious glory of churros con chocolate, which are fried dough served with melted chocolate. Nom!


4) The architecture

Despite its modern infrastructure, Madrid has maintained many of its historic buildings, plazas and statues. In fact, the city’s structures reflect many different architectural periods. Interns will love seeing the city’s architectural highlights like the Cybele Palace, Royal Palace and Royal Theatre. For a taste of medieval architecture Madrid also has the stunning Almendra central. One of Madrid’s most beloved structures is the Templo de Debod, an Egyptian temple that was rebuilt in a Spanish park. At night the temple is lit up, its reflection glittering over the water that surrounds it.


intern in Spain


5) Travel

An internship in Madrid is geographically convenient for an intern who wants to travel Spain and Europe. A short train ride away interns can visit UNESCO World Heritage Site Toledo to see the iconic stone fortification, Alcazar of Toledo. The World Heritage City Segovia along with other beautiful cities like Barcelona and Valencia are also just a train ride away. Flights from Madrid to other European cities are also fairly cheap for interns who want to take a weekend to check out other amazing places like London, Rome or Berlin.


6) Its parks and plazas

Is there anything better than a stroll in a park on a sunny day? Madrid is full of beautiful parks and plazas with statues, fountains, bridges and other memorable landmarks. Plaza Mayor is one of Madrid’s most beloved places to explore. Interns can check out the notable bronze statue of King Philip III, sip on a coffee or meander in and out of the area’s traditional shops. Interns in Spain will also enjoy exploring the Madrid River, which runs through the city and is surrounded by parks. Many locals run or bike on paths along the river.


intern in Spain


7) Spanish

Foreign language skills are increasingly important in the workplace and an experience abroad is the best place to learn a language through immersion. Mother country to the language, Spain is the ideal place to pick up or improve Spanish skills. An intern in Spain will be able to take their proficiency to the next level by using the language at their internships and interacting with locals in everyday life. The Intern Group also offers optional Spanish language classes at many different levels at the acclaimed Don Quijote school.


8) Amazing weather

The best part of living in Madrid is the beautiful sunny weather. Rarely is there ever a gloomy, cloudy day in Madrid, so making trips to local parks and plazas can be done almost any day of the year. Winters are dry and fairly cold but snow is rare. Summers are hot, making spring and fall ideal for an internship.



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