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8 millennial blogs that will help you get your life on track

The transition from adolescence to adult life is often ridden with new challenges, stress and growing pains. You’re assuming lots of new responsibilities. Whether you are living on your own for the first time, finding for your first job or figuring out how to balance work and school, it’s important to keep in mind two things: 1) becoming an adult doesn’t happen overnight and 2) there’s plenty of free and useful advice out there that can help you pave your way. For some solid millennial guidance, take a look at these 8 blogs aimed at emerging adults/millennials in the workplace who want to get their life and career on the right track.


1) Erin’s “Broke Millennial

Clueless when it comes to managing your finances and planning out a positive financial future? Erin’s the perfect person to help you out. Writing as “Broke Millennial” Erin offers sage financial advice in an easy-to-understand and conversational tone. A lot of her advice comes from experience as a broke millennial. Her blog is relatable and incredibly useful for young people trying to become better at financial planning.


2) Jenny Blake’s “Life After College

With her “Life After College” blog, book and Pivot podcast, Jenny Blake is one of the leading millennial bloggers offering career, life, money and relationship advice. Jenny’s website was founded in 2005 and has hundreds of helpful and personal posts with titles ranging from “A Day in the Life of my Paycheck”, “Empty Spaces and Moving Past Loneliness” and “Stop Auditioning for Other People’s Lives”.


millennials in the workplace


3) Nick Corcodilos’ “Ask the Headhunter

For no-frills, useful professional advice Nick Corcodilos has got you covered. He claims to have answered over 40,000 questions over the course of nearly three decades of offering job advice. Corcodilos writes about just about everything relating to careers and professional life.


4) Under30CEO

As you might guess from the blog’s title, Under30CEO is directed mainly at a young and ambitious audience, with a focus on individuals working in business and entrepreneurship. Blogs are written by various guest writers and tend to push readers to be more independent, savvy and gutsy. A couple of sample titles include “How To Escape Your Quarterlife Crisis By Creating Your Own Beliefs with John Schnettgoecke” and “The Entrepreneurial Time Machine“.


5) HerCampus

With the slogan “A Collegiette’s guide to life”, HerCampus offers advice, tips and news for university women. In addition to the beauty, life, health and style sections, HerCampus also dedicates a portion of content to career advice. A highlight of the career blog is the series “How She Got There” which profiles successful women and how they made their way up the ladder to their current positions.


millennials in the workplace


6) Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey Pollak bills herself as the “Millennial Workplace Expert”, with books under her belt including “Getting from College to Career” and “Becoming the Boss”, which focus on giving career advice to the millennial generation. Pollack also writes regularly for her millennial workplace blog. Her well-researched articles give insight into hiring trends, networking ideas, new technology and other topics. She writes not only about what career-driven millennials need to know, but also how millennials are influencing various industries and the workplace.


7) Kayla Cruz’s “Gen Y Girl

Gen Y Girl is a youthful career and lifestyle blog for twenty-something women written by twenty-something woman, Kayla Cruz. In a bubbly, conversational tone, Cruz writes about careers, blogging, recipes, weddings, millennial life and other topics, with blog titles including “7 Legit Organizing Tips That Really Will Change Your Life” and “How To Get Unstuck & Take Control Of Your Life”.


8) Ed2010

Millennials looking to work in the journalism industry need to know about Ed2010, a website run by a community of magazine editors looking to help the next crop of professionals find their way in the business. The website offers career advice and many internship and job listings for up-and-coming journos.



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Photo 1. based on University Life 30, by Francisco Osorio, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on ITU Pictures, by Millennials Jam Workshop: Youth and ICTs beyond 2015, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on Millennials Jam Workshop: Youth and ICTs beyond 2015, by ITU Pictures, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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