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8 perks of interning abroad with The Intern Group

Gaining real-world professional experience abroad has never been easier. Learn about the many advantages of interning abroad with The Intern Group.


1. 24/7 support

Your loved ones may be worried about sending you halfway around the world. That’s what makes the 24/7 emergency support of our program a great way to assure parents, that even in the rare case of an emergency, there will be a responsible adult available who can help with problems that may arise. They will welcome you the day of arrival, and will support you throughout your entire experience abroad. Interns and their parents can breathe easy while interning abroad thanks to this feature of The Intern Group program.


2. Internships prepare a young person for their career

Studying abroad is no longer enough to make you stand out from your peers. Although any international exchange will be an enriching experience, students who decide to take on professional internships abroad will have a competitive edge. Industry work experience is essential to getting your foot in the door at a demanding workplace.


interning abroad with The Intern Group


3. You’re never truly alone

One of the most daunting aspects of heading off to a foreign country alone is doing everything by yourself. With The Intern Group, you don’t have to worry about making friends in a strange new city. You’ll instantly be able to befriend your roommates, your colleagues at your internships and make friends at The Intern Group’s professional and cultural events.


4. The abroad factor

The Intern Group isn’t just about offering a unique work experience. The element of gaining work experience in a foreign country is a crucial aspect of the program. Learning how to work within an international environment, adjust to different cultural norms, speak another language and grow knowledgeable about your industry abroad are all incredibly useful benefits to taking your internship overseas.


interning abroad with The Intern Group


5. You become part of an international professional network

The Intern Group alumni stick together. The contacts you make while interning abroad and sharing with fellow interns will last a lifetime. Joining TIG means access to a club of business leaders, open-minded travelers, multilingual, successful young professionals. Once you’re part of The Intern Group, you never truly leave.


6. The experience pays off

An internship abroad is one of the best investments a young professional can make. Considering the professional benefits and life experiences that come with an internship with The Intern Group, the experience pays for itself. After earning real-world work experience abroad, interns find a world of job opportunities open up to them.


7. Professional development events

Learn how to stand out at your internship, make a positive impact at your job and have a successful and rewarding career at The Intern Group professional development events. These professional development training sessions are a vital part of what makes the program a career-boosting experience.


8. Alumni benefit from a career coaching session

Once you finish your program with The Intern Group, you’ll receive a personalized, one hour session with a professional Alumni Success Coach. Our experienced career coaches specialize in a wide variety of topics ranging from landing your dream job, to Linkedin branding and negotiating salaries. You choose from our portfolio of experts who you would like to guide you through your next steps after your international internship.


What are you waiting for? Apply now to boost your career by interning abroad with The Intern Group.


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Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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