8 killer reasons to intern abroad in Dublin

Learn about Ireland’s rich history and culture while gaining international professional experience and meeting young professionals from around the world with an international internship in Dublin. Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, is ranked among the top thirty cities in the world according to the GaWC. With glorious green spaces, epic historical buildings and a rich cultural scene, Dublin is the perfect city for a young person looking for a multicultural adventure.


1. The spoken language

The Irish have a very particular way of speaking English, which will be a genuine delight for an intern abroad – though it may lead to a mix-up or two. This “Hiberno‐English” has five distinct dialects, though very close to British English when written. It’s a fun challenge to see how many local phrases like “snog” (kiss) and “jammers” (completely packed full) you can incorporate into your English while you’re there.


2. The magic

Irish myths and legends are an exciting aspect of Irish culture. Interns can learn more about the myths surrounding Irish culture at the National Folklore Collection, for a start. Spots like Ireland’s Boyne Valley, Malahide Castle, and Dublinia, all share some Irish mythology that can connect an international intern to a history of Irish cultural traditions.


3. The literature

The Irish have exported a surprising amount of world-famous literature. Writers like W.B. Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, and James Joyce have left their mark on the literary world. To fully appreciate Ireland’s astounding contributions, interns abroad can check out The Dublin Writer’s Museum, the James Joyce House of the Dead and The Bram Stoker Trail.


international internship in Dublin


4. Irish traditions

Ireland has been influenced largely by Gaelic culture, which has a rich history of tradition, including the epic St. Patrick’s Day Festival. The cherished mythical bearded fairy, the leprechaun, is also rooted in Gaelic folklore. Legend has it that if the prank-playing sprite is captured, it would grant 3 wishes in exchange for his release.


5. The history

Dublin’s history dates back to 140 AD. In the 10th century, the Vikings established a settlement in the area. Interns can get a glimpse of this exciting history by visiting some of the city’s historical sites, like Dublin Castle which was built back in 1204. Dublin is also home to both the Christ Church Cathedral and St Patrick’s Cathedral, founded in 1030 and 1191, respectively.


6. It’s spooky

If you’re into the paranormal, Dublin is the place for you. Ireland’s capital city is home to lots of haunted places for you to explore. For example, Montpelier Hill and the “The Hell Fire Club” building at its summit are thought to be on a prehistoric burial site. Apparently, the devil once blew off the roof of a building there. Since the incident, the place is considered by superstitious locals as being haunted. St. Michan’s Church and the Glasnevin Cemetery are two other local sites thought to be haunted. Meanwhile, Dublin’s Bram Stoker Festival is a festive and spooky event.


international internship in Dublin


7. Beautiful architecture

Much of Dublin’s architecture comes from the Georgian period. Notable structures in this style include Four Courts and the Custom House as well as Henrietta Street, Fitzwilliam Square and the area around Merrion Square. Meanwhile, Temple Bar and Grafton Street maintain the medieval architectural style. The notable Parliament House and the Royal Exchange were built afterwards, in the 18th century. There really is something for everybody in Dublin.


8. The green

Park-loving interns will love Dublin for its many beautiful outdoor spaces. In fact, compared to all of Europe’s capital cities, Dublin has the most green space per square mile. To spend a warm afternoon, interns will enjoy places like Iveagh Gardens, St Stephen’s Green and Phoenix Park. And you won’t have a hard time breathing easy – the city of Dublin plants some 5,000 trees each year.


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Image 3. based on Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland, by René Silvio H., Public Domain


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