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6 Reasons To Do An International Internship In Dublin

International internships in Dublin are truly the perfect blend of personal growth and professional development. As an intern in Ireland’s capital city, you’ll experience the country’s rich culture, delicious food, long history and active atmosphere. No matter your background, Dublin is the perfect city for young professionals looking for a multicultural adventure.

Here are 6 amazing reasons to do an international internship in Dublin:

1. The culture

The Irish are known for being incredibly warm, friendly and welcoming. As an intern in Dublin, you’ll never feel lonely or out of place. Irish culture is deeply rooted in music, dance and storytelling.  These are all communal activities, and are practiced regularly. You’ll quickly make friends in Dublin, and will soon become familiar with the culture!


international internship in Dublin

3. The castles

The picturesque castles that dot Ireland’s landscape are world famous. Interns in Dublin will have the opportunity to explore castles large and small, and experience the incredible feats of architecture up close. Dublin Castle is particularly famous, and is a must-see for any intern in Ireland. However, as you travel and explore the rest of the country, the Irish castle will be a constant companion.

3. The history

Ireland has a fascinating history that dates back to long before the vikings. The city of Dublin itself dates back to 140 AD. Interns can get a glimpse of this exciting history by visiting some of the city’s historical sites in and around the city, such as Dublin Castle and Newgrange. Over the centuries, the Irish have also produced a lot of world-famous literature. Writers like W.B. Yeats,  Oscar Wilde, and James Joyce have left their mark on the literary world.

4. The networking opportunities

Dublin is home to large offices for global companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. The city is quickly becoming one of the most important places for the tech industry in Europe, and in the world. Today, Dublin’s dock area is frequently referred to as “Silicon Docks,” as it catches up with Silicon Valley in the United States. However, in addition to multinational corporations, Dublin also has a thriving startup scene, making it a great place to network and gain experience.


5. The traditions

Ireland has been influenced largely by Gaelic culture, which has a rich history of tradition, including the epic St. Patrick’s Day Festival. The cherished mythical bearded fairy, the leprechaun, is also rooted in Gaelic folklore. Legend has it that if the prank-playing sprite is captured, it would grant 3 wishes in exchange for his release.

6. The green

Park-loving interns will love Dublin for its many beautiful outdoor spaces. In fact, compared to all of Europe’s capital cities, Dublin has the most green space per square mile. To spend a warm afternoon, interns will enjoy places like Iveagh Gardens, St Stephen’s Green and Phoenix Park. And you won’t have a hard time breathing easy – the city of Dublin plants some 5,000 trees each year.


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1. Coursesy of The Intern Group

2. Christchurch Catherdal [179/366], by Tim Sackton, CC-by-SA 2.0

3. Courtsey of The Intern Group


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