8 reasons Colombia is the perfect place to intern abroad

From the gorgeous, spring-like weather to the warm, friendly locals, doing an internship in Colombia comes with a multitude of perks and advantages.


1. Colombians are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet

It doesn’t take long to make friends in Colombia. Just about everyone is warm, welcoming and eager to make you feel at home – if you’re open to it. This general sense of hospitality and kindness eases the difficult transition of living in an unknown country and speaking a different language.


2. It’s the perfect climate

They don’t call Medellín the “city of eternal spring” for nothing. It’s earned its reputation for great weather for a reason. The climate is always warm and spring-like. Even during the rainy season, the sun always finds a way to come out to shine.



3. Colombian Spanish is ideal for language learners

Colombian Spanish is regarded as the easiest Latin American Spanish for non-native speakers. Colombians speak loudly, clearly and with excellent pronunciation. Although they do incorporate regional slang into their form of speech, Colombians tend to speak the Spanish you also learn in the classroom.


internship in Colombia


4. It’s affordable

Even Medellín’s top restaurants are comparatively affordable for foreigners. It’s easy to go out for food, coffee or an evening out without breaking the bank. Especially for students and interns who don’t have full-time jobs, it’s nice to live somewhere affordable.


5. Colombia is a country on the rise

Colombia’s dark past is just that – the past. Modern-day Colombia and Medellín are incredibly safe for foreigners. Not only is the country much safer than before, the warm Colombian people are eager to help out foreigners and show them how to get around. As the local saying goes, “in Colombia the only risk is wanting to stay”.


6. Colombians love to share their culture with others

If you’re looking to experience a new culture, Colombia is a great place to do it. Locals are proud of what their country has to offer and enjoy talking about local dishes, dance traditions, different regions of the country to visit and excellent outdoor destinations.


internship in Colombia


7. Colombia is a diverse country, each region offering a number of fascinating places to visit

From Colombia’s stunning coffee region to its Caribbean northern coast and emerging urban centers, there’s so much to see in this gorgeous country. With stunning biodiversity, gorgeous colonial architecture and a beautiful coastline, there’s so much to love about Colombia.


8. You’ll always eat well in Medellín

Whether dining on traditional Colombian dishes like the bandeja paisa at a local market or trying out international cuisine in one of Medellín’s restaurant districts, there’s always something good for dinner in this rising city.


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1. by The Intern Group

2. based on medellin, by Yair L. mesa, CC-by-2.0

3. based on Casa amarilla, by Verino77, CC-by-SA 2.0


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