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7 Reasons To Do An Internship In Colombia

If you like gorgeous spring weather, friendly people, delicious food and beautiful views, Colombia is the place for you. An international internship in Colombia allows young professionals to learn a new culture, practice a foreign language, and build up professional contacts in their field. Medellin has a thriving start up scene, and is home to many of the largest companies, banks and organizations in South America.

Here are 7 amazing reasons to do an internship in Colombia:

1. Colombian culture

It doesn’t take long to make friends in Colombia. Colombians are known for being warm, welcoming and eager to make you feel at home. This general sense of hospitality and kindness eases the difficult transition of living in an unknown country and speaking a different language. Interns in Medellin have no trouble making friends and meeting locals, and are never short of people to ask for directions or recommendations!

2. Perfect weather

They don’t call Medellín the “city of eternal spring” for nothing. It’s earned its reputation for great weather for a reason. The climate is always warm and spring-like. Even during the rainy season, the sun always finds a way to come out to shine.

3. Learning Spanish

Colombian Spanish is regarded as the easiest Latin American Spanish for non-native speakers. Colombians speak loudly, clearly and with excellent pronunciation. Although they do incorporate regional slang into their form of speech, Colombians tend to speak the Spanish you also learn in the classroom. If you’re looking to learn or practice Spanish, Colombia is one of the best Latin American countries in which to do so.


4. Cost of Living

Living in Colombia is extremely affordable. Medellin’s low cost of living makes it an ideal destination for students and recent graduates on a budget. This is one of the reasons that many expats from around the world make Medellin their home. Even Medellín’s top restaurants are comparatively affordable for foreigners. Interns can visit the city’s top museums for less than $2 USD, and can buy a meal for less than $5 USD.

5. Thriving economy

Despite the stereotypes espoused my some television shows, Modern-day Colombia and Medellín are incredibly safe for foreigners. Not only is it a safe place for international interns, the Colombian economy, centered around the city of Medellin, is on the rise. For those looking to gain experience in an emerging market, there is truly no better place. The city is incredibly entrepreneurial, sustainable and international. It is a hub for technology, finance, engineering and so much more.


6. Diversity

Colombia’s coffee region is known globally, as it produces some of the best beans in the world. However, the country has much more to offer interns than just coffee tours. From Caribbean city of Cartagena and bustling urban center of Bogota to the expansive mountains and beaches, interns will never be short of places to explore. With stunning biodiversity, gorgeous colonial architecture and a beautiful coastline, there’s so much to love about Colombia.

7. You’ll always eat well in Medellín

Whether dining on traditional Colombian dishes like the bandeja paisa at a local market or trying out international cuisine in one of Medellín’s restaurant districts, there’s always something good for dinner in this rising city. While of course the most popular food is Colombian, interns can find their favorite global cuisines in the city’s many cafes, restaurants and street vendors.


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1. Cartagena, by Rafaela Ely, CC BY 2.0

2. courtesy of The Intern Group

3. DSC_1293.jpg, by Stevan Nicholas, CC BY 2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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