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8 reasons to intern in Australia

Melbourne, Australia is one of the top destinations for young professionals to live, study and intern. The city has everything you could ever want, and is an amazing place to launch an international career. Melbourne boasts a welcoming and friendly culture, excellent coffee shops, and beautiful beaches. However, the city is also one of the world’s creative hubs, because of its innovative and entrepreneurial environment. 


Here are 8 amazing reasons to intern in Australia:

1. The wildlife

Kangaroos, dingoes, the Great Barrier Reef, dolphins, sharks, koalas, glow worms… the list of fascinating Australian wildlife goes on and on. Between the Outback, beautiful beaches, dry deserts, snow-capped mountains and a warm ocean, there’s tons of unique and diverse creatures and plant life “Down Under.” Inspired by their country’s beautiful natural environments and array of wildlife surrounding them, many Australians share a passion for environmentalism and conservation.


2. International commerce

Interns in Australia will be based in Melbourne, which is a commercial powerhouse and home to Australia’s busiest port. Moreover, five of the country’s ten largest companies are based in Melbourne, making an internship in the city hugely beneficial. Australia’s economic relationship with Asian markets is another compelling reason for interns to live and work in Australia.

3. The beaches

Australia has a lot to offer the sun-loving intern. Melbourne is the perfect destination for those who enjoy beautiful beaches and all forms of ocean activities. You can find good surf all year long and even explore the Great Barrier Reef. Both locals and visitors alike enjoy hiking The Great Ocean Walk which is a hike that stretches along the beach, across the Victorian coast. Melbourne has several popular beaches that are great for swimming, sunbathing and just relaxing!

4. Music

As an intern in Australia, you’ll live in Melbourne, the country’s capital of live music. In 2018, Melbourne stepped out even further into the global music spotlight, when it was chosen to host one of the largest international music conferences, the Music Cities Convention. While the city has many theaters, galleries, comedy clubs and cinemas, the Melbourne’s big draw is its exploding live music scene which is abundant and diverse. In fact, Australia’s highest number of live music venues are clustered in Melbourne. The city is also known for its affection for vinyls, with over 50 record shops in Melbourne alone.

5. Livability

Melbourne is regularly ranked “The World’s Most Livable City” globally, making it the perfect destination for a young professional. The rankings, assembled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, take into account infrastructure, education, environment, healthcare and stability. Melbourne is extremely walkable and green, making it pleasant to spend time outdoors. The city is full of students and professionals from all over the world, not to mention the tourists who come to experience the coffee culture, beaches and events.



6. Culture

Melbourne is extremely multicultural, diverse and unique. The city’s culture reflects this in many different aspects. Live music, along with colorful festivals like the Melbourne Festival and the Moomba Festival are just the beginning of what make Melbourne so hip. The city is full of beautiful street art, with many works by Britain’s graffiti king, Banksy. Melbourne also has tons of tattoo parlors, vintage shops, cafes and dining establishments to keep an intern in Australia busy for their entire stay.

7. Sports

Sports-lovers, Melbourne is the place for you. The city is located in the state of Victoria, which is known for being home to the biggest sports fans in the country. If it’s an internationally recognized sport, they probably play it in Melbourne. One of the best events for visitors and locals alike are Australian Football matches, which can be seen in many stadiums around the city. Sports like tennis, cricket, netball and rugby are also extremely popular in Australia. Major sporting events are great places to get to know more about Australian culture.

8. It’s English-speaking

English is the language of business and the world. Experience in Australia will give non-native speakers the chance to improve their English skills in a professional environment. Meanwhile, North American and UK citizens won’t have to worry about a foreign language if they decide to intern in Australia while still having the opportunity to get to know a new culture.


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All photos courtesy of The Intern Group Australia


Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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