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8 things you’ll say after your internship abroad

How will I feel after my internship abroad? You will be thinking…

1. “Where will I go next?”

International travel is addictive. After being exposed to a brand new world during your internship abroad, it will inspire you to continue getting to know new countries and new cultures. An internship abroad eases you into life in a foreign country and empowers you to keep exploring new places around the world.


my internship abroad


2. “I learned so much!”

The countless things you learn during an internship abroad can be overwhelming. As an intern abroad you soak up details about a new culture, a new city and also your profession. Since the internships last for several weeks or months, you’ll have a more nuanced understanding of the culture and city than mere travelers. You’ll come back home wiser and with a new way of seeing the world.


3. “Life is so much easier in my home country!”

After returning home from your internship abroad, you’ll be relieved to realize that you once again know how everything works. You’ll appreciate the simple fact of knowing where to get the tastiest Thai take-out or the best route to avoid traffic during your run. It’s easy to take for granted all the knowledge of your home culture and city, until you’re in a situation when everything is brand new and unknown.


my internship abroad


4. “Life is so boring in my home country…”

The flip side of returning to the comforts of home is that some automatically find everything a bit dull. The newness and exhilaration of your abroad experience can make home feel a bit monotonous. The adjustment can be especially difficult for those going back to small towns after living in a giant metropolis.


5. “You should totally intern abroad!”

An internship abroad is so multifaceted and exciting, it’s common to encourage others to follow in your footsteps. An internship abroad can often influence your identity and perspective so much that you’ll want your friends to have the same experience so you can share those new ideas together.


6. “I never realized…”

In the same way you experienced your first weeks of your internship abroad with fresh eyes, when you come back home you’ll start to see your own culture in a new way. You’ll be reintroduced to your home culture from a different point of view and pick up on details you never noticed before. Customs from home that you once viewed as “normal” might suddenly seem a bit curious.


my internship abroad


7. “What was that place called again?”

When you sit down with your friends and start to recount your adventures, the details will undoubtedly start to get a bit fuzzy. Without your abroad friends there to lend a hand, it will be more difficult to recall names of places, people, foods, streets, etc. It’s a good idea to take note of specifics while still abroad as a register to keep these details intact.


8. “Well, when I was abroad…”

It’s tempting after an internship abroad, to start every other sentence comparing your international experience with your life at home. After your internship, you’ll somehow sneak in an insight or recollection from living abroad whenever possible. Just keep in mind that not everyone will be as enthusiastic as you are about what you’ve learned. Choose wisely when to share and when to keep it to yourself.


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Photo 1. based on Mordor by Luis Hernandez, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on Home Sweet Home by Tobi Firestone, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on Hong Kong Snapshot by Jonathan Kos-Read, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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