8 simple ways to brighten up your workday

Workplace stress or monotony can put a damper on an otherwise pleasant office environment. Bring some rays of sunshine into your office. Check out these 8 simple tips and learn how to be happy at work everyday, no matter what the office throws at you.


1. Come into the office well-rested

Tasks becomes exponentially more difficult if you haven’t slept enough the night before. Even though you may want to watch the rest of your Netflix series as soon as possible or keep catching up with friends, it’s important to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. If not, you’ll suffer during the workday, be less productive and be more prone to mistakes.


2. Bring snacks

Who doesn’t love a snack? Bringing in some snack food to work, as long as munching is allowed, can be a small way to bring a little joy into your workday. Try to make snacks healthy and clean, so you don’t end up with a sugar crash or making a mess. With your snacks, you can even play a Pavlovian experiment on yourself. Reward yourself with food at certain points in the day after you get a certain amount of work done.


3. Socialize

Be friendly with the people at your office whenever you can. It will make the workday go by faster and building up teamwork among colleagues will help the office run more efficiently overall. Moreover, if there’s a toxic person at the office, take note and try to avoid them if your role doesn’t require you to interact with them.


how to be happy at work


4. Reward yourself

Whenever you complete an assignment or do a good job on something, find a small way to reward yourself. Maybe it’s time to watch your favorite YouTube video or take a small coffee or snack break. Whatever it is, give yourself short, celebratory breaks at your internship whenever you can.


5. Take advantage of your lunch break

Leave the office and eat a real lunch. Your lunch break should be sacred. This is a designated period of time you have in your day to genuinely step away from work. Giving yourself the break you need will help you relax and clear your head before starting the second half of your workday.


6. Use music strategically

Though music is proven to be a distraction overall, there are times when playing music can raise spirits on an otherwise dull or exhausting workday. Make sure to use your headphones so as to not distract others – unless you’re listening as a team. Classical music or tracks without lyrics are good for an office soundtrack. They are less distracting than other genres, especially if you’re completing a task that requires writing.


how to be happy at work


7. Personalize your space and keep it tidy

Make your workspace sacred and give it a little makeover. Bring in a photo or two to give your office space a personal touch, plus a couple of keepsakes that inspire you. Also try to keep your space as clean and orderly as possible and avoid clutter. Having a clean and organized space will help you stay productive and efficient – this includes your computer desktop.


8. Forgive yourself and breathe deeply

Mistakes happen at work. Even the most competent employees mess up sometimes. What matters is how you deal with these mistakes. Being mindful and using deep breathing, meditation or a quiet walk are all techniques that can help the bad energy go away.


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