A 10 GIF summary of my internship abroad
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A 10 GIF summary of my internship abroad

Life abroad will bring you joy, pride, crippling embarrassment when you forget how to ask where the bathroom is in the local language… but most of all an internship abroad will be a source of adventure and comedy. Don’t miss out on the fun and opportunity life abroad can give you – an internship abroad is easier to find than you think! You’ll come back home with stories and experiences that will last a lifetime.


Just got off the plane and I’m like:




Explorin’ with my roommies:




Introducing myself to my esteemed colleagues:




My first two weeks “getting to know the office”:




How I feel about speaking a foreign language:




When my boss gives me a big project to work on:




Me after rocking my first foreign language presentation:




Crossing cultural barriers to make new friends:




Traveling around the country like a boss:




OH you’re telling me I have to go back home now?:




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Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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