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5 killer advantages of fall internships

One of the best ways to boost your career and earn real-world professional experience is through an internship abroad. International internships offer ambitious young professionals the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture while learning important lessons first-hand. Consider the possibilities of a career-changing experience abroad and learn about the advantages of fall internships. 2017 is the perfect year to boost your career.


fall internships 2017


Advantages of fall internships


1. Networking opportunities

Fall internships offer young people a once-in-a-lifetime chance to grow their network. Successful applicants will be meeting other intelligent, interesting and hardworking interns from around the world. Since fewer students do internships in the fall, it’s easier to form tight-knit friendships and partnerships among a diverse and talented group of young professionals. Moreover, fall interns tend to be recent graduates with strong resumes and work experience, making the group more competitive overall, so you can learn among and from the best.


2. You’ll have a better shot at getting hired post-internship

The timing of fall internships makes it more likely that interns will have a chance to get hired at the end of their internship. Since the fiscal year ends on September 30th, when organizations are re-evaluating their staffing plans and employees, it’s a good time to be an impressive, eager member of the team. There’s no better way for young professionals and recent graduates to launch their career abroad than through fall internships. 2017 is the perfect year for a professional adventure abroad.


3. It’s ideal timing for a competitive position

Summertime is saturated with hundreds of interns looking to fill their three months off of school with a career-changing opportunity. Although summer internships offer incredible experiences too, interning in the fall means that there are far more competitive opportunities available to interns. It’s the ideal time, especially for interns without any professional experience under their belt. The smaller volume of interns means that you’re competing with fewer interns for the very best roles in the career field of your choice.


Fall internships 2017


4. Fall internships offer more season-specific opportunities

Worldwide, the fall season is a great time to be living in a fast-paced international city. There are incredible professional opportunities, considering the many events in major cities that are specific to fall. There’s New York Fashion Week in September and Social Media Week, Festival of Marketing and Ad:tech in London. Moreover, many companies undergo big projects that require extra work during the fall season after summertime, when many employees take their vacation.


5. Fall festivals and events around the world

The crisp air and colorful leaves don’t just mean that fabulous professional opportunities are around the corner. A massive amount of fall events and festivals are held in cities around the world. Oktoberfests, for instance, are held in cities like London and Berlin. In New York City interns can experience an authentic American Halloween. In Hong Kong interns can learn more about Chinese traditions at the Mid-Autumn Festival, a widely-celebrated harvest festival.



Apply now for one of our fall internships. 2017 is the perfect year to launch your career abroad.




1. based on New York City Street at Thanksgiving, by saccodent, CC-by-2.0

2. by The Intern Group

3. based on Fall Foliage Central Park New York City – Bow Bridge November 2014, by Anthony Quintano, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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