6 reasons an internship abroad in Europe will change your life

Living in Europe will change your outlook on the world around you. These open-minded societies with rich histories and cultures can leave a life-long impact on interns abroad. Learn why an internship abroad in Europe is the gift that keeps on giving.


1. You’ll make personal connections to the region

Interning abroad in Europe is the ideal way to establish personal and professional relationships in a leading European city. Not only will you make friends with colleagues at your office, but you’ll also be part of an international network of interns from all over the world. Laying a foundation for long-lasting relationships with European and other international folk will inevitably broaden your worldview and connect you to different places and cultures. These connections can lead to further international travels, foreign-based jobs, a bilingual romance… you name it.


2. You’ll see the value of public transportation

Driving isn’t the only way to get to point A from point B. European travel is convenient for visitors because it’s completely unnecessary to get around with a car. Buses, trams, trains and cheap flights make getting places super easy and affordable. You’ll realize travel can be pretty sweet without the hassle and expenses associated with having a car.


3. You’ll hear many different languages

European cities are incredibly international, full of travelers, students and professionals from around Europe and the rest of the world. Especially in international neighborhoods you can quickly go from hearing English to French to Spanish to Korean in any number of accents. It’s an important and eye-opening experience for monolinguals to realize that English is just one of many widely-spoken languages around the world.


internship abroad in Europe


4. You’ll learn to appreciate the finer things in life

From rich espressos served with sparkling water to pastry shops full of dozens of buttery, flaky goodies, Europe is a place where you can learn to appreciate the finer things in life. Portion sizes may be smaller, but that’s because locals take their time to savor each bite of their aged Roquefort cheese or sip on their glass of tinto. Learning to value quality over quantity and really enjoy life’s simple pleasures will make you a happier and healthier person.


5. The history

Europe’s beautiful cities are peppered with stunning historical buildings and important monuments, some constructed over a thousand years prior. Strolling through these historic urban centers, interns can bear witness to some of the world’s most treasured architecture and walk by buildings that have played a role in some of the most important events on the globe. For people from the Americas or Australia, for example, seeing artifacts and buildings that date back before their continents were discovered can really put things into perspective.


internship abroad in Europe


6. You’ll witness Europe’s free and open societies

Countries like Spain and Britain serve as marvelous examples of free, open-minded and tolerant societies. Though each country is inevitably plagued with its societal issues, in general Western Europe is a free and open society, with many effective social programs, low poverty rates and high rankings for freedom of speech. There’s value, especially for anyone studying politics or government, in seeing how other countries tackle their societal problems and protect the civil liberties of their people.


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1. by The Intern Group

2. based on Madrid, by Maryge, CC-by-SA 2.0

3. based on London, by Pablo Cabezos, CC-by-2.0


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