Architecture Internships in Hong Kong

Known for sprouting the world’s greatest skyline, could there a better place than Hong Kong for an architecture internship abroad? The diverse, kinetic city has been influenced by several architectural styles and boasts over 1,000 skyscrapers. An architecture internship abroad in Hong Kong blends that vital real-world professional experience with a cultural adventure.


An architecture internship in Hong Kong will serve as an inspiration while also serving a practical purpose. Not only will interns get their hands dirty at their internships at a Hong Kong architecture firm, but they’ll also be able to soak up the mix of 7,600 structures across Hong Kong territory. Whether on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon, there is so much for architecture interns to absorb in Hong Kong.


Architecture internships in Hong Kong


The buzzing metropolis of Hong Kong offers a fusion of traditional Chinese architecture, Victorian and Edwardian styles from the mid-19th century and contemporary skyscrapers. Most of the city’s older buildings have been torn down, making way for modern, tall giants.


The jungle of glittering skyscrapers towering over traditional Chinese temples convey Hong Kong’s cherished belief systems: Buddhism and capitalism. Based on traditional Chinese architecture from the Tang dynasty, the Chi Lin Nunnery combines temples, statues, gardens and ponds. The complex was founded in 1934 and was renovated in 1990. Other traditional Chinese architecture can be found in the Mo Man temple, the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery and Big Buddha on Lantau Island.


Reflecting the nearly 150 years of British colonial rule in Hong Kong, the local Legislative Council Building is a neo-classical structure that boasts ionic columns. The building was designed by the British architect Sir Aston Webb, who also designed part of the Buckingham Palace.


Architecture internships in Hong Kong


One of the city’s modern marvels is the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank headquarters. Designed by architects Foster + Partners, the three tower structure is meant to embody Hong Kong’s identity and culture while also considering Fung Shui. The building also allows for natural sunlight and was constructed with the banker’s experience in mind.


Designed by Argentine-American architect César Pelli, the International Finance Center stretches 484 meters and is defined as a “supertall skyscraper”. Meanwhile, the Bank of China also is among the city’s tallest, and features mirrors, cross bracing and a triangular framework.


Hong Kong’s fifth-highest skyscraper, The Center, is another architectural wonder, most famous for its prominence in the nightly light show that glitters beside the Victora Harbour. Called the “Symphony of lights”, over 40 skyscrapers participate in the nightly lights and musical presentation. Guiness World Records has named the spectacle “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show”.


In addition to the city’s numerous buildings of style, Hong Kong also has world-renowned restaurant and bar design. The INSIDE World Festival of Interiors rated Hong Kong’s MOTT32 bar and restaurant the best interior space of 2014. Meanwhile, inside the luxurious Hotel Icon, the Above-and-Beyond restaurant offers an old men’s club elegance. The restaurant was designed by London’s Sir Terence and overlooks the harbour. An architecture intern abroad will have no choice but to be inspired with all the modern design and architecture at their fingertips in Hong Kong.


Architecture internships in Hong Kong


In their spare time, architecture interns in Hong Kong can travel out of the city to relax, explore and have fun. The Shek O village offers beautiful public beaches on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island. The area also has notable rocky cliffs, which attract many climbers.


Park-lovers in Hong Kong are in luck. Some 40% of the territory is made up of national parks. To cool off, the Tai Mo Shan Country Park is known for registering the coldest temperatures in the territory. Hong Kong’s highest waterfall, the 35-meter Long Falls, is also located in the park. For animal lovers, the Kam Shan Country Park houses macaques and other primates that interact with park visitors.


Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, architecture interns in Hong Kong have numerous local dishes to try. Noodles and congee and saquima are two popular foods. Common snacks include pineapple buns, egg tarts and preserved prunes. In Hong Kong, hotpot dishes are quite common, where the soup-based food is cooked on a stove built into the restaurant table. Stir-fry is also a common plate in Hong Kong, both at restaurants and in homes. Sweet and sour pork and stir-fried beef with vegetable are among two of the recommend dishes.


Mandarin is the most popular language on the globe, with some 955 million speakers worldwide. Learning to speak Mandarin will undoubtedly help open doors for an architecture intern in Hong Kong. While living in Hong Kong territory, Mandarin or Cantonese classes of various levels are available to architecture interns. On the street in Hong Kong, interns will be able to put their lessons to good use by interacting with locals, the ideal way to learn another language.


With some of the world’s best architecture and thousands of structures, an architecture internship in Hong Kong offers more than professional experience. Exposure to Hong Kong’s notorious cityscape will serve as an inspiration to aspiring architects. The professional and cultural opportunities Hong Kong offers are too rich to be ignored.


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Photo 1. based on Hong Kong Sunset by Mike Behnken, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on Cyber City Night by Jonathan Leung, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on Amazing Summer Night by Jonathan Leung, CC-by-2.0


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