Published on November 18, 2014

Architecture Internships in Europe

When looking for international architecture internships, you may be unsure of which country will offer the most opportunities. Without a doubt, some of the most famous architecture can be found in the beautiful cities of Europe. London and Madrid are two completely different cities, each with their own distinct and breathtaking style.


An architecture internship in London is unparalleled to any other work experience you may have and here’s why. Home to world-renowned architectural buildings, London is one of the most important cities for famous architecture with its historical and contemporary mix. From the Houses of Parliament to St Paul’s Cathedral, the stunning gothic architecture is Grade I listed, and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take inspiration from The Albert Hall, Hampton Court Palace and even the Millennium Dome! When walking down the street in this vibrant city, you will experience a new style with a different story behind it at every turn. Throughout the years, London’s ever evolving style has taken inspiration not only from history, but also from other countries; from French cathedrals to Italian style streets, London will quench your thirst for European culture.


An architecture internship in Madrid will show you the true beauty of Europe. Not many countries have such a dynamic history as Spain. Its history is apparent just by looking at the different architectural styles that dictate each time-period. From Arab influences to Austrian and French, Madrid is a city full of famous buildings. Take a walk through Plaza Mayor to experience the true ‘Castillian Baroque’. The grey slate spires and the red brick walls are typical of this era. Discover the work of Italian architects Filippo Juvarra and Giambattista Sacchetti at the Royal Palace, one of the most decisive moments in Spain’s architectural history. Finally, to experience the full transition of architecture in Madrid, take a stroll down Gran Via. With the style of buildings evolving with each step, you’re sure to be enchanted with Madrid’s magic.

How can I get an architecture internship in Europe?

The Intern Group offers architecture internships in Europe (London & Madrid) for undergraduates and graduates. We work with first class architecture firms, in both residential and commercial projects. You will have the chance to work with top industry professionals with a wealth of experience in the planning, design and construction of high quality projects and in presentations to clients. Apply now to experience the world famous architectural beauty of Europe!


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10 comments on “Architecture Internships in Europe

  • I am doing 5 years graduation in Architecture in India from a reputed college. I desire to do my internship ( 4 MONTH PERIOD FROM JANUARY 18) from a established firm in europe, preferably UK, France,Spain. I have already prepared my fort folio. On further requirement/enquiry I can forward the same. I prefer to have monthly stipend so that my living expenses abroad can met.
    Sincerely yours,
    Nam rata Ray
    5th year student of Architecture from BIT, Meshaw, India
    Phone +918521458601

    • Hi Namrata,
      Thanks for your message and your interest in our program. We offer architecture internships in London, Dublin and Madrid in Europe and throughout our other destinations as well. I’ll send you an email with some more information on how to apply.

  • Hi there,
    i am Obasa Joseph, I’m going to my third year in Architecture in one of the best private Universities in Africa. I wish to do a 2-month period internship program in a reputable firm in Europe , (most preferably in an English-speaking country), I have my portfolio ready alongside other evaluation material. I would prefer monthly based stipend system.
    Obasa Joseph
    3rd year student of Architecture from Covenant University, ota, Nigeria.
    Phone +2348116307721

    • Hi Obasa,
      Thanks for your message and your interest in our international internship programs. We have 2 English speaking destinations in Europe – Dublin and London. Both offer amazing opportunities for architecture students and recent grads. I will send you an email with more information and instructions on how to apply. We look forward to seeing your application!

  • Hi
    I am Vidhya indian student from armenia finished my graduate project one week before waiting for the graduation this month can I apply for this internship.can I have clear information about this internship. Thank u

    • Hi Vidhya,
      Thanks for your message and congratulations on your graduation! I’ll send you an email today with more information on how our program works and how you can apply to secure an internship placement this fall.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for your message. We do offer architecture internships in Berlin, however our European hub for architecture is Madrid. Are you interested there? I’ll send you some more information today regarding our programs and how you can apply.

  • Hi, I’m Angelika, I’m a polish architecture student, finishing bachelor’s degree in 0,5 year and i’m looking for a 2-month-period summer internship in Madrid. Could you send me some information how to apply for it, please?

    • Hi Angelika,
      Thanks for your message and your interest in an international internship in architecture. Our Madrid location is our hub for architecture, you couldn’t have chosen a better place to get practical experience in your field! I’ll send you some more information on how to apply today.

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