Ask the intern: Where should I go for my summer internship in Fashion?

Hi Sugar, I’m a second year fashion student in London and I really want to do a summer internship starting in July. Fashion is such a competitive industry to get into so I need the right internship to set myself apart from the crowd. I’m interested in PR & marketing as well. I’m hoping that an internship in one of these in fields a different country could really boost my CV. However, I’m finding it a bit hard to make a decision as you offer so many different destinations. Could you possibly give me some advice? Where should I intern abroad this summer? Thanks for your help!

Hi Lucy, thanks for getting in touch. It’s great that you have taken the initiative to think about how to enhance your job prospects with an international internship. Obviously deciding where to do an internship is a huge decision. But it doesn’t have to be a scary one! There are a few things that you need to take into consideration when deciding where to intern. Mainly, it is important to make sure that your chosen destination fits you both personally and professionally. To help you out, I’ll explain how to ensure you intern exactly where you should.

It is important to first consider which destinations specialize in your chosen career fields.


Our main hubs for fashion are London, Melbourne, New York and Hong Kong. These cities are thriving with opportunities for potential fashionistas. As we are an international internship program, as a London resident you are unable to apply for our London positions. However, I’m sure you would appreciate the value of interning on a more global scale.

where should I intern

PR and Marketing

The Intern Group prides itself on its strength and diversity in the field of PR and Marketing. We have lots of leading placements in all of our destinations so there’s lots of flexibility for this field. It is important to specify in your initial interview with the Admissions Team whether you’re more interested in PR or marketing. We can also focus our efforts on finding placements that relate more to your studies e.g. marketing for a fashion brand or PR for a fashion magazine.

Having considered the top spots for your two career fields, along with your current location, it’s clear that Melbourne, New York and Hong Kong are the ideal places for you. The final decision depends on your personal preferences!


If you crave sunshine and a more relaxed way of life, heading down under could suit you perfectly. Melbourne has consistently been named the world’s most ‘liveable’ city – and for good reason! You won’t have to worry about language or cultural barriers too much. That said it still manages to be very different from the UK! Despite being cosmopolitan, the surrounding areas on the east coast have world-class beaches and stunning wildlife.

It is also the cultural capital of Australia. Its laneways are full of street art, its buildings are at the cutting-edge of architecture and its museums are bursting with aboriginal art. These sources of inspiration nourish many fashion brands and mean as an intern, you’ll never be short of ideas. In the past, we have placed interns at The Ark – a clothing brand that prides itself on designing with intelligence and integrity.

New York

Every aspiring designer’s dream, I don’t need to reiterate why The Big Apple is an excellent location for a fashion internship. From Sex and the City to The Devil Wears Prada, NYC’s status as fashion capital of the world is well-documented. The lifestyle is fast-paced and ever-changing, and its mix of cultures allows everyone to feel at home.

Many similarities can be drawn between London and New York, so this destination could be perfect for you. We have previously placed interns in companies such as Jenny Chase (a showroom), Rafe (accessories), Emmelle (ready-to-wear) and The JIBS life (active footwear). The diversity available means whatever your niche interests, we can find something that you’ll be passionate about.

where should I intern

Hong Kong

If you’re looking for something a world away from your perception of normal, Hong Kong could be your best bet. Beneath the iconic skyline, the city boasts vibrant history, tantalizing cuisine and the possibility of learning a new language. The city is also renowned for its street style scene which encourages expression and loss of style inhibition.

Hong Kong is also a place that maintains ties to its tradition. This strong cultural identity lends itself to creative inspiration for budding fashion designers. If you are concerned about culture shock, the expat community is well-established so you will not feel alone. Amongst our range of industry links, we have Lfplaza, a high-end luxury retailer and the Lock group, a fashion marketing company founded by the creator of Australian Fashion Week.

After learning more about your options, it should be easier to decide which is the best fit for you. Wherever you go, I’m sure your international internship will be the experience of a lifetime.

Now you’re no longer looking for an answer to the question ‘Where should I intern abroad this summer?’, apply today to begin your own internship adventure.


1. based on Cara delevingne and Kate moss, by waterlan Papetti, CC-by-SA 2.0

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Sugar Thomas

Sugar studies at the University of Leeds in the UK and is currently on her year abroad in Latin America. She studied in Malaga, Spain before joining the business development team at The Intern Group in January. She hopes to make the most of her time in Latin America, traveling the continent and experiencing the culture before completing her final year of university.
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