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7 killer benefits of a career in Engineering

The engineering sector affects each one of us – it’s the reason why the light comes on when we flip up the electrical switch and what keeps the cost of our favorite products so low. The engineering sector, though sizeable and diverse, is also very competitive and demands a high level of studies. Learn exactly what a career in Engineering can do for you and why an internship abroad is an ideal way to boost your career in this competitive industry:


7 benefits of a career in engineering

1. High-paying career

One undeniable perk of working in engineering is the sizeable salary that the industry can offer. Employees are very well-compensated across the various engineering sectors. In many competitive sectors of engineering, the starting salaries are similar to mid-career salaries of other industries.


2. Lots of variety within the career

There are many exciting sectors within the field of engineering. Industrial, mechanical, civil, chemical, manufacturing and biomedical are all different and exciting areas within engineering. Each of these sectors offers a lot of variety and demands different studies, so it’s important to decide early on which area you want to focus on. You can do anything from developing planet-saving technologies in the renewable energy sector to helping create a new satellite.


career in engineering


3. Job stability

Engineering is a very stable and secure career field, which is a huge benefit to working in the industry. Not only do engineering positions pay exceptionally well, but there also is a constant demand for engineering professionals across various sectors. Society will always need its engineers to keep it running like a well-oiled machine.


4. You can work anywhere in the world

The demand for engineers spans the entire world. There are opportunities all across the globe to work in various engineering fields. Whether you would like to change cities or countries, a career in engineering can help you do that while maintaining a high salary and continuing to grow professionally.


5. The job always evolves and changes

Engineers have to stay on their toes. As technology evolves rapidly, engineers have to keep learning new things constantly. It can be an exciting challenge to constantly need to adapt and learn new advances in the sector and incorporate them into daily work.




6. You can make an impact on society

Engineers make cars drive faster and factories produce more efficiently. Their impact across all sectors of society is apparent and valued. The sector can be very rewarding because engineers contribute such important and valuable skills to society. The innovations that come from engineering make our lives better in so many different and tangible ways.


7. Opportunities to grow

Engineering students have lots of opportunities to work in different types of firms and develop their professional skills. The career field offers lots of avenues to climb up the professional ladder. Maintaining upward movement within a career can make a big difference in overall career satisfaction.


What an international internship in engineering can do for you:

See if engineering is the right field for you by test driving your career with an internship abroad. International work experience is a great way to boost your career in engineering and learn about the competitive sector within an international context. Engineering internships abroad are for young professionals looking to get their foot in the door in their field while also having the chance to learn about a foreign culture. International engineering interns at The Intern Group work at professional, established firms in major global cities like New York City, Hong Kong, Madrid and Medellín.


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Photo 1. based on engineering, by David Bleasdale, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on Worksheets, by M.Kemal, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on Engineering, by Falon Yates, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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