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7 Benefits of Being a Global Citizen (Alumni feature)

After growing up in many countries around the world, Michiel De Wolf made his way to Medellin, Colombia for an international marketing internship. He is now completing his studies in France after which he hopes to be prepared for a successful international career.

The decision to leave a “traditional” life behind and pursue the benefits of a global lifestyle can be challenging.  It is certainly not the easiest way to live. However, it’s incredibly rewarding to live life on your own terms all over the world. Here are 7 real benefits of being a global citizen.

1. Never pay for a hotel again

As a nomad living the global lifestyle, you will be surrounded by other people. You will share adventures, emotions and friendships with people from all around the world. When you visit these friends in their country,  you instantly have a place to stay. As they say, “Mi casa es tu casa.” Keep growing your network and you’ll never pay for a hotel again.

2. Meet interesting people

It is a simple fact that people who travel more, experience more.  In the community of global nomads, you will soon realize you’re surrounded by people with incredible lives. They will inspire and encourage you to live life to the fullest and you’ll be soon living a life that is equally interesting.

3. Learn more

One of the greatest benefits of a global lifestyle is learning from other people. Their stories and tips will educate you more than any textbook. However, your eyes will turn out to be your best teacher. Observing cultural customs, traditions and habits will give you a whole new perspective you can use on a personal, academic and professional level.

4. You realize that less is more

What is the point of having a bunch of stuff if you have to carry it around in a suitcase all the time? It will become clear that experiences are undoubtedly more valuable than materialistic things. Quality over quantity will become one of your rules to live by.

5. Feel alive every day

Every day is an adventure when you live abroad. You’ll often go to bed thinking “that was crazy” while enjoying the first opportunity to actually reflect on the day. You won’t be counting down hours or minutes when living the global lifestyle… except of course when you’re on a plane.

benefits of a global lifestyle

6. Encounter more professional opportunities

When you move around often, you’ll meet more people. Some of them will own businesses and others will have professional connections. Your experiences, stories and gained knowledge abroad will often be sufficient to win you the job. You will have the opportunities to work in companies and places you’d never imagine. It’s all part of the adventure.

7. You can hack life

Say goodbye to a traditional life. As daring as it seems at first, you’ll realize that everyone could actually live this lifestyle. After taking the first and hardest step you’ll never look back, and often feel like you’re cheating on life. Because yes, it really is possible to live life on your own terms wherever you want in the world. You just need the courage to jump into the unknown.


Apply now for an international internship, and experience the benefits of being a global citizen!


  1. Bucaramanga Colombia, by Jaafar AlNasser, CC BY-ND 2.0

All other photos courtesy of Michiel De Wolf

Blog by Michiel De Wolf

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