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Best places to intern abroad in Europe

Europe will sweep you off your feet if you let it. Each region and city boasts a rich cultural history and it’s easy and cheap to bounce from city to city. For anyone looking for an international adventure and the chance to see Europe, an internship abroad in one of these top European cities will change your life.


best places to intern abroad in Europe

1. London

Rain or shine, there’s always a wonderful way to spend a day in London. Interns will fall in love with this charming city, its live theater, cafes, fish and chips, and football fever. A diverse metropolis, with a thriving economy, London is the perfect place to land a competitive internship where you can develop your professional skills and make contacts. Moreover, London has a rich cultural and political tradition evident in its many monuments and museums. There’s no better place for an internship abroad!



best places to intern abroad in Europe

2. Madrid

Bohemian and youthful, Madrid is a lively, global city that truly never sleeps. Interns in Madrid will fall in love with the friendly locals and the beautiful and small city center, where you can walk nearly anywhere. Whether picnicking in Retiro Park or exploring the world-famous Reina Sofia museum, there are many enchanting ways to spend a day in Madrid. The city also is one of the best places in the world to learn Spanish.



best places to intern abroad in Europe

3. Dublin

You’re a lucky one if you get the chance to intern in Ireland’s capital. This UNESCO City of Literature isn’t only for book nerds. Interns have a thousand reasons to fall in love with Dublin, including its many green spaces – it has more than any other European city! The green city also boasts a rich art and culture scene, so there’s always a fun way to spend the evening in Dublin.



best places to intern abroad in Europe

4. Berlin

This diverse European capital draws in interesting and talented professionals from all over the world. Interns abroad will enjoy Berlin’s culture and entertainment scene while boosting their career in any one of the booming industries within the city. Boasting a wonderful blend of history and modernity, there’s a lot to appreciate about Berlin. The parks, museums, food and festivals will make interns wish that they could stay.



best places to intern abroad in europe

5. Barcelona

Barcelona is an exciting, vibrant city that enchants visitors from all over the world. With a unique culture and history, interns will learn to appreciate the importance of Catalonian pride during their stay in the Spanish city. Even with southern France nearby, interns will find traveling a challenge, as they won’t want to leave Barcelona’s beautiful beaches which attract laid-back, fun and free-thinking young people.



best places to intern abroad in Europe

6. Paris

Interns abroad will learn to appreciate the elegance of sipping an espresso and reading the newspaper at an outdoor cafe in Paris. This global cultural capital is a stunning and exciting place for a young person seeking a life-changing experience. Home to world-class architecture, museums, cuisine and fashion, Paris is the kind of city everyone wants to live in at least once in their life. Why not do so during an internship abroad?



best places to intern abroad in Europe

7. Amsterdam

A free-thinking, leading European city, Amsterdam is a great destination for young professionals looking to experience a different culture and meet people from all over the world. The friendly locals and picturesque buildings will enchant interns exploring this beautiful biking city.



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Photo 1. by Elizabeth Trovall

Photo 2. by Elizabeth Trovall

Photo 3. by Elizabeth Trovall

Photo 4. based on 24hrs in Dublin., by Román Emin, CC-by-ND 2.0

Photo 5. based on berlin, by Katie King, CC-by-ND 2.0

Photo 6. by Elizabeth Trovall

Photo 7. by Elizabeth Trovall

Photo 8. based on Amsterdam, by Moyan Brenn, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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