7 top sightseeing tips for interns abroad

It’s the classic struggle between work and play. Navigating the work/life balance can be especially challenging while abroad, when all you want to do is get out of the office and explore an exciting, foreign city. Fit in as much professional experience and tourism as possible with our best travel tips and sightseeing suggestions for interns abroad.


1. Use your lunch break wisely

Your lunch breaks are precious. First of all, it’s time that you can use to talk with your colleagues, who will likely have killer sightseeing tips. They can suggest interesting places and restaurants which are off the beaten path. You can also use your break to do some travel research of your own on the internet or with a guidebook. You can plan a weekend trip or even find a cool spot to check out before you go home. Research time is essential to making good travel decisions while abroad and lunch offers a decent opportunity for some planning.


2. Take advantage of your evenings

Although museums might be closed and tours may be over, many cities have plenty of interesting sights and attractions to see at night. Instead of going out to dinner, bring along some snacks and try to see something new on a few different workday evenings. Stick to places close by and in safe neighborhoods, of course.


best travel tips


3. Don’t waste your weekends

Even though you may want to stay inside and sleep after a long work week at your internship abroad, it’s important to fight that instinct and force yourself out and about on the weekends. Try to plan weekend trips, to see what’s going on outside of the city. Or pick a couple of different neighborhoods with select sights where you can spend your weekends wandering with intent.


4. Make a bucket list and prioritize

You have to just accept it – you won’t see it all. There’s too much to see in any given city to see every last sight and attraction. That’s why it’s important to do some research before your trip and figure out what you can’t miss and which places of interest are most important to you. Each time you find a spare moment during your internship abroad, pursue another place on your list.


5. Plan weekend trips ahead of time

Doing proper research before a trip is a great way to save time and resources. If you book your transportation and accommodation ahead of time, for example, those are two aspects of travel you don’t have to worry about when the travel weekend comes. This will help you focus on enjoying the trip and seeing more, instead of fretting about logistics.


best travel tips


6. Buy a guidebook

Travel guidebooks can be incredibly helpful when deciding which sights are worth the trip and other aspects of travel planning. Making travel easier and more efficient means you save time and energy worrying about logistics. This means you can use more time enjoying travel and seeing more sights!


7. Ask around for tips

Never remain silent when it comes to international travel. Ask for tips from people who know the area and don’t be shy asking for help getting somewhere. Most people around the world are willing to lend a hand when they’re asked.



Now that you know our best travel tips and sightseeing suggestions, learn more about how to boost your career with a travel adventure.



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